Dez started it!...

No homo, but the following people look like the product of the two smaller pictures to their right, thus making them the love children... pause. sammysosa

Former MLB outfielder Sammy Sosa is the lovechild of NBA superstar LeBron James and Yankees outfielder Bobby Abreu.


Pittsburgh Steelers QB Byron Leftwich is the lovechild of NBA Hall-of-Famer Magic Johnson and late actor Fred Berry (Re-Run from What's Happening).




Oklahoma Sooners forward Blake Griffin is the lovechild of Houston Rockets forward Shane Battier and Howdy Doody. bradchildress Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress is the lovechild of actors Ted Levine from Monk, and Major Dad, Gerald McRaney. brettfavre

Green Bay Packers Retired New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre is the lovechild of Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Geoff Jenkins and actor John Malkovich.


Tampa Bay quarterback Brian Griese is the lovechild of ABC7 reporter Ben Bradley and adult film star Peter North. charlieweis

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis is the lovechild of comedian Rodney Dangerfield and former NFL player Art Donovan.


Former NFL head coach Dennis Green is the lovechild of adult film star Ron Jeremy and actor Reginald VelJohnson. drewgooden

Chicago Bull Drew Gooden is the lovechild of actor James Avery and Wooly Willy.


Oakland A's DH Frank Thomas is the lovechild of actors Gary Coleman and Michael Clarke Duncan. joakimnoah

Joakim Noah is the lovechild of a ménage a trois involving Bozo the Clown, American Idol contestant Sanjaya and The Simpsons' Side Show Bob.


Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Juan Pierre is the lovechild of Ronnie Woo Woo and comedian Dave Chappelle. juliuspeppers Defensive end Julius Peppers is the lovechild of NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Sloth from Goonies. leecorso

ESPN's Lee Corso is the lovechild of actors Mel Brooks and Ron Rifkin.


Ohio State cheerleader Michael Berg is the lovechild of Jurko and Monday Night John Frank Caliendo. michaelphelps

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is the lovechild of former NBA player Gheorghe Muresan and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.


Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is the lovechild of former White Sox infielder Juan Uribe and actor Omar Epps. shaunalexander Former Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander is the lovechild of former NY Giants defensive end Michael Strahan and Giants running back Tiki Barber. stanvangundy Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy is the lovechild of adult film star Ron Jeremy and Bears President Ted Phillips. tonydungy Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy is the lovechild of Mahatma Gandhi and New York Mets head coach Jerry Manuel. man that wore me out...