The Hoodrat Chronicles Ch. 2

Ch2 Now life had been goin well for your boy KP, Meeting new people one stood out you see, Her name was Angel and she was as pretty as could be, Cinnamon smoothe skin and her hair fell down to her knee, She had hazel eyes, thick thighs, and she stood about 5'3, One night I was about to take her to ecstacy,  She dropped down her skirt and I loved what my eyes could see Then she took out her contacts and set the case next to me Next to go was her makeup, now this started to bother me, Her nails came off and w/o a bra, her D's turned into B's, And she said "I have one more surprise"... and it was then that she dropped her WEAVE! Now it looks like Chauncey Billups is standing in front of meeee..... I said BI*CH U SO FAKE She said NIGGA R U HATIN? I said HATIN ON WHAT? I'M SICK OF U DIRTY BI*CHES TRYIN TO TRICK ME She said NOW I'M A DIRTY BI*CH?                                             (No nigga say it... NOW IM A DIRTY B*TCH?) Then here came the real surprise as she reached in her wallet, The real surprise came and HER REAL NAME WAS RICK!  (TO BE CONTINUED...)