Screen shot 2009-10-10 at 9.12.21 PM I never got to address how the Lil Mama scenario made me feel until now and with this clip I realize now more than ever that Lil Mama was BUGGIN! Not only was she as irrelevant as the last pick in the draft, but she must have actually known that it was a bad idea. Why would you share your plan with Beyonce (who clearly told you no), then still go and hop your candy a** on stage? I want to kick her in her shin now. Oh and side bar, who decided that she should judge a dance show?... I'm waiting on a response. You can write it in the comment box or email me personally at kingsrowe@gmail.com. I'm just saying, I am not hating, it is the truth. And if Jay-Z had as much influence over New York as LeBron does over Cleveland then Lil Mama would be off of TV and living in Nebraska. I'm just sayin tho... ps... remember this? LOL