Major Rest of the week

Im back for another MAJOR REST OF THE WEEK lets start shall we...

...after the break of course. 

First things first why does this person have these team jordans and this small ass chain in a picture like he's stunting.. You just set JORDAN back 25 years with this pick fam... You need to cop you some AIR REST and get out of here with these joints.. I will not put you on blast but... *Kough kough*

Now I love some Nicki Minaj but her apperance on 106 & park was not poppin... You trying to be the Black Lady Gaga or something.. Cmon Nicki you taking the barbie thing alittle too far... STEP YOR REST UP

Yes Allen Iverson you made major rest of the week 2 weeks in a row... Blowing lay-ups and getting drop my Rodney Stuckey SMH.. Damn homie in High School you was the man homie what F@#$ happen to you.. No need for PRACTICE you need REST..

Tim Tebow we dont want to see your fake tears after you lose buddy it was all good when you was winning then you want america to feel sorry for you when BAMA blows your doors off... The funny part is not one tear came down his face the whole time LOL... Instead of crying your better off just RESTING UP trust me you will forget all about it

 Steelers fans are so so so sick right now how did yall lose to the browns... on top of that this is the 5th straight lost this season after being 6-2 at the halfway mark of the season.. Maybe if they get the terrible REST towel things would look up for the boys.

This guy Dez Arnez needs MAJOR REST for talking all that smack on Twitter about UC football and then they comeback and beat Pitt 45-44.. As you can see in the picture above if he would have got 8 hours of REST maybe he would have made better decisions..

This is the black women that claims Tiger Woods tap that as well... Now im not saying that Tiger didnt but it seems alittle funny to me that all of a sudden she claims Tiger wore her out as well LOL.... Looks like your last in line for the Jumpoff list sweetie and if its cash you looking for you might not see any but you can see some REST

We had more for you, but unfortunately... well... wait til next time!