YOUUUULLLLL (never sell another album)...

As an avid fan of the hustle, I hate to bring this bad news. After months of hype, videos speaking about “Weezy like numbers,” and a campaign to “Go Platinum in a Week,” Soulja Boy’s sophomore album iSouljaBoyTellem sold a pathetic 45,507 copies in his first week. That is 954,493 short of a milli a milli. There is no excuse for this except for the fact that I cannot name a single track off of his album... unless Marco Polo is on there. Paris Hilton sold more records than Soulja Boy, granted, her dad bought them all, but in her defense Collipark (Soulja Boy's label) has 50,000 artists, so they need to blame the 4,493 lable mates who didn't purchase the album. I am rooting for the boy tho, I mean, I did give The Game a chance with his third album, and we all know he sucks!!! soulja-boy I hope you saved that $175 that you have in this picture... YOOUUUUULLLLL need it.