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Shout out to Columbus.  Grow with us.  Enjoy the pics.


I Love Columbus

I enjoyed myself at the fashion show this year.  Once again, it was a huge event.  I'm pretty sure it is the largest (audience wise) fashion show in Columbus.  It was also hosted by Kingsrowe's very own Dez Arnez aka Dezi Combs.  Big shout out to all of the designers and models that were involved, also shout out to the event planners and supporters, congrats!  Make sure you don't miss it next year!


I Am Fashion 4 (photo recap)

The Short North Pint House is the latest addition to High St.  I stopped by on Sunday for their unofficial unveiling.  What can I say... the place looks great!  I'm not sure how often I will go there since I don't drink alcohol, but if you're a big drinker; this is the place for you.  I'll have to try their food asap, I hear it's good but I'll be the judge of that.  Enjoy the photos. 


The Short North Pint House: Beer Garden (sneak peek)

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to speak about Black Innocence on the radio this past weekend.  Thanks to all that tuned in, appreciate it a lot!

Power 107.5 featuring "Black Innocence"

I walked in the Kingsrowe Gallery, looked at the clothes, and had to take some photos! This is not the complete Spring One 2013 drop, but here is a look at a few pieces. They are definitely some of the brands best work yet. If you see something you like, I suggest you cop it before it's gone. Enjoy the photos. 1Hunnerd.

Kingsrowe Spring One

For the past 6-7 months I've been working on a photojournalism project entitled; Black Innocence. The opening photo exhibit event took place a week ago, a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders! It was a very nerve wracking experience. But, the gallery showing went great, it was worth every minute, hour, day, and months that I put into the project.

I am not finished with Black Innocence! This is not something that I want to just fizzle away. To learn more about Black Innocence please visit BlackInnocence.Tumblr.com

Before, during, and after: Black Innocence (Video)

Sometimes I just feel like taking pictures...  

You know my motto: "Like it, do it."

We just got hit with a mini snowstorm last night, and for some reason it inspired me to take some photos of the store.

Hope you enjoy.  

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Black and White Nights: Sole Classics