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Pusha T came to town for a show at Skullys.

We had some friends and family in town from Cincy and KY.

We had to show love with complimentary Henny and Raising Canes (gone before I could snap photos!)

Good vibes, good people, good times. 

All at the Kingsrowe Gallery. (1104 N High St.)


Kingsrowe Pre-game: Pusha T Show

Man, I'm getting pretty sick of this snow.  I'm sure you all can relate... The crazy thing is; the mini snowstorm we got last night will be completely gone in two days when it warms up to 50 degrees. #OhioWeather.  Anywho, I got out into traffic a bit for a couple shots in the baby blizzard, check it out.

more photos at mrkingjd.com


Black and White Nights: Short north, High St.

About 1/3 of the entire Kingsrowe crew was mobbing in Vegas at "Project" this week for Magic Market Week. "Project" at Magic is basically a huge convention/tradeshow where clothing brands, manufacturers, and retailers collide.  Needless to say, we had a ball! We tried to experience as much as humanly possible in 4 days ...long days, short nights, and plenty of stories to tell.  We met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of cool brands, ate a lot of good, and saw a little TOO much swag.  It was my first time in Vegas so I constantly had my head on a swivel.  It was a super cool experience.  I can't wait to get back.  Kingsrowe is back in Ohio and on a mission, stay tuned to everything we do from here on out.

Kingsrowe Lampoon: Vegas Vacation

Cameron Mitchell's: The Pearl

Jola, also known as Jola The Trunk Boi, has just released his latest music project entitled "Trunk Life".  Long story short... It sounds like something you've never heard before.  The whole "trunk" concept is still foreign to most people.  Jola basically represents for the majority of America, "middle America".  "The trunk" is the opposite of "the hood"... you know, that thing that 99% of rappers rap about, the hood, projects, etc.  The trunk is the opposite of that; suburbs, middle class, etc.  His upbringing is represented in his rap style (the way it should, unlike a lot of "fake" & unoriginal rappers of today).  In his latest project there's a song for literally everyone.  The sounds are very unique and definitely worth listening to.

New Music: Jola - Trunk Life (mixtape)

I had a chance to sit down with an up and coming artist that goes by the name of Ricky Toon.  He reps Columbus and brings a new sound to the city.  Some of you may already be familiar with the name, he was featured on Sole Classics x DJ Bruni's "ILL Tape" that released during the summer 2012.  Take a minute to read our interview and checkout the video link to his "Rebel" track!


-Who is Ricky Toon?

Columbus; Meet Ricky Toon

I recently took some family photos for my friend, Scharese; and lets just say she has a beautiful family!  Here's a few samples from the shoot.  Need any pictures? Check mrkingjd.com and shoot me an email. mrkingjd@gmail.com


Modern Family