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Who said snow was bad for shoes? ...ok, maybe it is.  But shoes can also look pretty cool in the snow, take a look at the new Lebron X "Prism" and the Air Force 1 Foamposite "Snake Scale" shoes I photographed in the snow.  Both available at Sole Classics.

Snow Shoes

So, the world was supposed to end about a week ago... shout out to the Kingsrowe Brand and everybody else who is still alive for surviving!  Congrats.  I walked into the gallery a few days ago and I was pretty pleased with the store from every angle; the clothes were on point, the temperature was just right, the layout was visually appealing, and the decor was refreshing as always.  We just dropped our winter 2012 line and I took a few pictures of some of my fav. pieces.  Make sure you get by the gallery asap and claim some gear.  1104 N High St. 


Kingsrowe Gallery Survived The End of The World

On Monday, the day before the presidential election, President Barack Obama held his final rally before voters cast their votes at the polls. President Obama came to Columbus with special guests; Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z. So you better believe the whole city came out... at least all those who could take off work or who had the day off (yes, Democrats have jobs).  I've never seen so many people lined up for an even. The lines to get into Nationwide Arena were crazy.  For good reason though. The rally was pretty cool.  The energy in the building was amazing.  I think even a Republican could have enjoyed themselves at the rally.  Here are a few pictures. Enjoy.

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We Won The Election

So, I guess you can say I'm very fortunate when it comes to being able to obtain highly limited and hard to get shoes.  I'm not sure how it happens most of the time.  Winning the Paranorman Foamposites is a perfect example.  There were only 800 produced (according to Nike).  There was a photo competition to determine who received the shoes.  It was pretty simple, the rules were; upload a childhood photo that shows you were a weird child and tag Paranorman on Twitter.  I entered my picture not really believing I would win.  I knew I had a decent chance  though, because I knew about the contest before most other people did, so I got a head start (75-150 winners were selected per day over the course of a week).

“You Don’t Become A Hero By Being Normal”

Vans Vault + Horween Leathers

...me neither, until recently that is! It was kind of cool. Again, walking and exploring is fun to me. It was a little creepy, though... I ain't'eem gon lie!  It got a little dark at some points, that was when I turned around. Lol I like to explore, but I'm not a dummy. Somebody could have hopped out of the dark with a hatchet and murked me! Anyway, check out the pictures from my train track adventure.


Have You Ever Walked Along Train Tracks At 1am?

Hi, my name is JD.  I enjoy long walks on the beach.  Na not really. Well I probably would enjoy that but I've never done it before. I do enjoy just taking walks sometimes.  It's pretty relaxing and therapeutic, I guess.  I'd rather walk around and explore the city I live in than sit at home watching TV.  I took these photos while walking in Westerville at a creek near my place.  There's some pretty cool stuff out there. Go take a walk and check it out some time. 


Ohio Adventure