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Everybody loves birthdays.  I love taking pictures at birthday gatherings.  Unfortunately, birthdays and funerals are the only days when we really show each other maximum appreciation.  I took some pictures for a couple of friends who were celebrating their 3 year old daughter, Ellie's birthday in Dayton, OH (undoubtedly the flyest city in the world).  She's already ahead of her time and definitely has a spark to her.  Happy Birthday Ellie!

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Another ABC party, another great time!  Check out the pictures from this past Friday.  Make sure you don't miss the next one!  They get better every time! 

We party every last Friday of the month at Republic with Leaders1354 + Vita-Morte (Chicago). 

Absolutely Beyond Control (ABC) 7.27 Photo Recap

The Columbus, Ohio t-shirt brand, Homage just took a huge step forward by opening up a store at Easton. The Homage brand has been growing radiply in the past few years and when you visit their stores, you will know exactly why. Take a look at the pictures and notice the elaborate store decor.

.@HOMAGE Opens A Store At Easton Town Center

So, over at Kingsrowe we pretty much do what we want.  We randomly felt like having an impromtu pool party with food and drinks, so we did.  With no planning or real preparation, we just hit up some friends and flourished, simple as that.  Good times.

Impromptu Pool Party/Cookout Flourish

I recently picked up a new pair of Vans from 2009.  I was up late one night searching some of my favorite shoe styles on eBay, and I stumbled upon these.  Late night eBay searching is always dangerous!  I have been chilling (kinda, well...not really.) with my purchases lately, but when I saw these in my size I had to get them.  I'm almost positive these were the only pair on eBay and they have been long sold out of all stores that sell Vans Vault shoes.  So, basically it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, low key.  The only thing I'm worried about now; is wearing them without messing them up.  I'm usually not psycho about keeping my shoes clean, but the cleanliness of these Vans is what I like most about them, so I must keep them that way.

Vans Vault Wingtip Era LX (2009)

Once again ABC Columbus was a party to remember!  Everybody had a ball.  We have fun at every party, it's pretty simple.  DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE.

ABC Columbus strikes again!

This past Saturday another Nike Air Foamposite shoe was released. I know, people are getting tired of them, BUT, these "Gym Green Foamposites are the truth!I definitely feel like they were looked over/slept on, which is completely fine with me! There weren't super long lines and multiple day campers. The colors are crazy. They change from gold to purple to a dark emerald green at some angles. The only thing I don't like about the shoe is the $220 price tag. Just last year Foamposite Pro's were retailing at $190. That's Nike for you... or maybe it's the consumer's fault for being so thirsty for Foamposites? Anyway, that's another topic. Enjoy these "Gyms"!

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Gym Green" (Very Underrated)