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The Idea of Being Somebody (TIOBS®) is hosting a fresh new event for Columbus this 4th of July.  The Columbus Connect was made for the ambitious and purpose driven Columbus residents who enjoy cookouts, free food, music, and good people.  This roof top cookout will be held at Callahan's on Park St. in the Arena District.  The Columbus Connect is also the kick off event for the Ohio Homecoming.  #SupportOhio and checkout all of the Ohio Homecoming events.


TIOBS® presents "The Columbus Connect"

I'm not going to lie, originially when I saw these on the Supreme site I thought they were hideous. But, after seeing them in person, my mind completely changed. They are super clean. I think the color won me over, the red/black/creme colors go very well together. I also admire how the Campbell's soup logo is layed on the shoe. It's very pattern like. From a distance you can't even tell that it's the Campbell's soup logo, it just looks like a cool pattern. Good job Vans and Supreme. And Campbell's.

Vans + Supreme + Campbell’s Soup (+ Andy Warhol)

Yesterday, Cleveland held their annual sneaker showcase: Cleveland's Got Sole. This year was the 3rd edition and my first time going. It was definitely fun to finally see some of the shoes people love and idolize in person. There was so much heat in the building; quite sickening at times. I did not set up a table this go round, but next year I may have to display some of my babies.  Until then, enjoy the pictures! 

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Cleveland's Got Sole 3 (Photo Recap)

I went with a clean and simple fit this day. Shoes by Vans Vault (Sk8 Hi LX). Shirt by none other than the Columbus t-shirt powerhouse brand HOMAGE. And man'o'man, the triple decker club from Press Grill (High St., CO) was so good! So good it'll "make you wanna slap yo momma!".

Shoes, Fits, and Foods with JD

Avant-Garde was this past weekend at Draped 22. It was a refreshing event for Columbus. As you may know, Draped 22 is a clothing store, but they also have a pretty nice gallery space that they used on Saturday for the art exhibition event. I really enjoyed myself, as it was the first time I've publically displayed any of my art work (since middle school). If you weren't there, you missed out. I'm looking forward to the next event over at Draped 22.

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Avant-Garde: An Artistic Exhibition At @Draped22 (Photo Recap)

I had a lot going on this day. My GPPR camo shirt is one of my favorites. I wear it all the time. It's an easy shirt to fall in love with because it's comfortable, durable, and goes with almost everything. My red Stussy shorts didn't really match anything. I felt like they complimented the fit well though. You can also almost always see my keys dangling from the Drought Dry Goods key holder as seen in the third picture.  My favorite part of the fit is probably the shoe/sock combination. I'm a big Dave's Quality Meat (DQM) fan and I had to grab these socks when I visited their store in New York. They went perfectly with my Surf Shaka Vans Vault Eras.  

Shoes, Fits, and Foods with JD

I love trying new restaurants, but sometimes it's difficult breaking away from my usual spots.  I noticed this little breakfast spot in Westerville a while ago but never took the time the actually go.  Finally, I decided to stop by and see what "The Best Breakfast & Sandwiches" spot was all about.  I liked the mood of the restaurant, it was very authentic.  And by authentic I mean; the employees seemed very sincere and natural acting.  I felt like good customer service was definitely a focal point of their establishment.  I ordered an omlette with bacon, pepper-jack cheese, and green peppers with toast on the side.  It was a pretty hearty meal, just the way I like it!  I give "The Best Breakfast & Sandwiches" two thumbs up.

Shoes, Fits, and Foods with JD