D Rob - Shoe String Budget..

l_84b81d9aa6744897bd9ec6f7d6ef19b2 I love getting projects from local talent. Let me tell you how this situation played out. I got a phone call from a homboi (shouts out to Supe) talking about someone who who needed some shirts done by us. Fast forward to today, the guy walks into Big Daddy's and I didn't know who he was until we began choppin' it up. Small World. Check him out and let us know if you are trying to purchase a CD.  [audio=http://kngsrw.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/06-track-06.m4a]


  Bio D-Rob born Doylan Robinson on December 17, 1979. Growing up in his hometown of Akron, Ohio he experienced different trials and tribulations, D-Rob found a way to use music as an outlet and a way to express him self. At first music was a hobby. It was something he worked on secretly throughout junior high, high school and college. Realizing how fickle the music industry can be he continued his education at Ohio State University on a full athletic scholarship. After 2 full seasons of college basketball things took a drastic turn when he nearly lost his life in a car accident. The domino effect of bad luck soon followed by financial hardships caused him to go back to living “the street life.” Refusing to let his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and artist in the music business slip away, D-Rob hustled day and night holding down 3 jobs, a nightclub bouncer, hustling, and cleaning office buildings. After overcoming the hard knocks that life sent his way, he soon landed on his feet. After struggling his way up from the bottom to the top, at the age of 24, D-Rob traded in his basketball jersey for a pen and pad and began writing rhymes relentlessly pursuing his music career full time. D-Rob is an artist and president/CEO of ClevaMindz Entertainment and he is looking forward to releasing his debut LP titled “Shoe String Budget”. He is also a performer, songwriter and producer. He performs at concerts, composes music for him self and other's and assists with album and live event production. This includes selection and arrangement of songs for shows and albums. He also provides songwriting and music publishing services. D-Rob can produce tracks or entire albums.