Chris Brown "Deuces" REMIX - Hot Fire Son!

The original song was already hot, but Breezy made the right choice to do this remix!  Drake murders the intro and of course Andre ends it with a hell of a verse.  All the track needs is Jay-Z and Eminem and thats all the rappers I need in my life (maybe Wayne too).  Lets just hope Breezy puts this song on his album as a bonus since his wife beating days might effect his sells.  Apparently there is also a music video to accompany the song.

Looking beyond the mistakes he has made in his personal life, I'm proud of Chris Beater, I mean Breezy this year! With his cry baby Micheal Jackson tribute at the BET Awards and his Mixtape with Tyga (not to mention his new rapping career), he has been making a new name for himself.  I'm looking forward to what he has in store for his upcoming F.A.M.E. album!! In the meantime, check the song out! 

Chris Brown: "Deuces" f/Drake, Fabolous, T.I., Kanye West, Andre 3000