March 2009

      Ok, we have all heard of "Spring Cleaning"; right? Out with the old in with the NEW?! Ok, good! As we leave the cold behind, it is now time to update your wardrobe from those grueling muffled colors and thick layers to vibrant prints, bold colors and delicate fabrics. As reported by Elle, Spring 2009 has many trends that will keep us looking original: 
1. Bold Colors - If your not living under a rock, you have run into neon. TRUST ME! Pencil jeans, tanks and shoes (just to name a few) are the object of neon's affection. Keep in mind, it's neon so do it with taste. Don't overdo it! Check out this Matthew Williamson dress and the Louis V Graffiti Sneaks....

Spring 2009 Trend Breakdown

2665_532102306057_50604240_32146502_4721613_n This is the mixtape to my hommie Nahkon shirt line The Jumpoff Cartel Comming April 3rd.....

Mixtape Monday: Swag Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Damon Wayans son... funny dude made an appearance on Def comedy jam last year.

WesLex for Prez 2024

Get Big In Prison

I have no idea why this was banned

WesLex For Prez 2024

Ikea Banned AD

Watch the whole video

Nerd Fest: Bruce Lee playin Ping Pong with nunchuks

Erykah needs to come out with a hip hop album. We ain't heard a chick spittin' like that for a minute .... MrLester

Kanye West, Erykah Badu and Common Freestlye Battle

Come see the Highlights of Mike Jordan son Marcus Jordan and his State championship team Whitney Young                                                                                                                                                             -Dez Arnez

Whitney Young Highlights 2009

warcrimes1 15 most dangerous cities 1. New Orleans, Louisiana 2. Camden, New Jersey 3. Detroit, Michigan 4. St. Louis, Missouri 5. Oakland, California 6. Flint, Michigan 7. Gary, Indiana 8. Birmingham, Alabama 9.

Most Dangerous Cities And States 2009

Gotta have it


Late Pass: Dj Tech Tools We will rock you Demo

Anybody that knows me knows that im a dancing fool....I like both of these joints but i would have to go with the 5000 its more my swag check it out..                                                                                                                           -Dez Arnez

Do The Ricky Bobby Vs 5000