May 2009

Lets just put it this way, if this were a movie, I'd think those stunts were digital. We photoshopping stunts now? lol Dude is bad, and I'm sure his inbox is full right now because we dropped him a line to do this new Kingsrowe feature film that we are working on. Either him or GirkGrig are doing the stunts... stay tuned lol


This video changed my life...

Man I was on WSHH.com today and saw that Spectacular of Pretty Ricy had the nerve to call any dude who has seen the video gay. Dude, you called out other grown men dancers lol. And selfishly you included Chris Breezy! His rep is f'd up as is... now he has to be associated with gayness too... lol


Still a PAUSE...

For all of those that know me.Im pretty sure you would agree that nike stole this lil dez concept from me and im comming for 700%. I Found A Few other joints too.I guess Nike wants to hurry up and get the commericals out just in case Cleveland goes home tonight.                                                                                                                                  -Dez Arnez

Nike Owes Me For This Commerical

your-sexuality-is-under-investigation Spectacular of Pretty Ricky has made one of the most disturbing YouTube videos ever.This isnt the first time his Sexuality has been under investigation. Watch The videos after the break -Dez Arnez

Where Is The Pause Police When You Need'Em

72486662Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka is free on bond after being accused of fighting with his wife over his Facebook activity, police said Friday. -Dez Arnez

Even Football Players get Caught Up On FaceBook

Taraji P. Henson gets nude for Instyle magazine. No no no, NO Rhianna and Cassie-like pics here. TASTEFUL!



picture courtesy of: theybf.com




 For the second year now, H&M has taken a stance on safe sex and HIV and AIDS prevention by collaborating with celebrities such as Estelle to create catchy sayings that focus on positive safe sex messages. Their artwork will be featured on both men and women's t-shirts, dresses and vest and can be found at H&M's website...




SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea warned South Korea and the United States on Wednesday that Seoul's participation in a U.S.-led program to intercept ships suspected of carrying weapons of mass destruction is equal to a declaration of war.


North Korea's Strongarm...

Dude, there is no such thing as flashback friday here at Kingsrowe.com, I just like using alliteration. We might keep it, we might not. BUUUUT, I think this is one of my favorite clips of all time, and finaly I watched the complete story!! Pt. 1 You have to have a youtube account to see part 2...


Flashback Friday: OH YOU MAD CAUSE I'M STYLIN ON YOU?...

The Cool Kids are on their grind and really gettin it in as of lately.

Late Pass: Fakeshore Drive Mixtape...