December 2009

in⋅ten⋅tion [in-ten-shuhn] –noun 1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. 2. the end or object intended; purpose.

In everything that we do, we have an intention or purpose for it.. when it comes to dating.. there are usually two intentions: Sex or Relationship

When dealing with learning the intentions of another person, it is as important to watch for clues as it is to ask them straightout..

It's Only About Sex:

So.. What Exactly Are Your Intentions?!

What up Kingsrowe readers?!... Allow me to introduce myself.. my name is m. lauren.. m to the lauren.. okay.. enough w/ the Hov references..

This is my formal intro to you all.. please hold your applause..

m. lauren.. all lowercase cause Im cool like that.. no need for further explanation..

iwrite.. it's just what I do (Nicki Minaj accent #492).. I write about sex.. relationships and love.. I try to make you laugh a bit.. but if you dont.. your bad.. I like sexy men, wild orgies and black nailpolish (one of these is a joke)..

m. lauren.. the blogger.. the life


Alot of people have written Dame Dash, or anyone that has anything to do with him, off because of his situation with Jay Z, but after learning of his new endevours I think I might have to jump ship, not really but I can like both of them shoot.

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It is an honor to have the young and talented J. Marshall on Kingsrowe™ dot COM... 

ps, white people, this shirt is not saying that you aren't good at things, it just lists black people as good at EVERYTHING. lol


The Big Ten Conference is looking to expand from 11 teams to 12 over the next couple of months.

Good or bad?

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@IamKreg and @dezarnez sits down and chats with Drake before his performance in Columbus ohio. Drake was a cool humble guy. Kreg and Dez on their usual clown mode makes the the convo interesting and fun! If you never seen click and watch but if you seen it already watch it again!

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Throwback Drake interview with Kreg & Dez

This was a remarkable video to simply see! I (@IamKreg) watched it twice. Obama being in office is historic and I am soaking it all in. But, apart from it being a historic video it was something else about watching this video that was symbolic that I can't put my finger on. Check it out tell me what you think it is.

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Christmas at the White House-An Oprah Winfrey Prime time Special

8 Questions, Ocho Answers with …

My homie Dre over at Livin Legends sent over a cool little track by a guy name Darren Anthony... He put his on spin on the Gucci Mane track Wasted check it out yall and be on the look out for more from the this artist

Darren Anthony Wasted remix

The homie L.E. is getting ready to drop a mixtape on Jan 1st called The Measure... Check out the trailer

L.e For The Uncool The Measure Trailer