January 2010

Serena Williams wins her 5th Austrilian Open championship against Justine Henin.  Williams withstood a determined challenge with a 6-4, 3-6, 6-2 victory Saturday.



Mrs. Obama has been in the spotlight ever since President Obama announced his running for presidency. You can actually call her a current Jackie Kennedy; fashion forward, glam, chic! Wednesday night President Obama gave his State of the Union address and Mrs. Obama was in the audience cheering her man on all the way! The First Lady wore a plum 3/4 quarter sleeve kneed length Isaac Mizrah dress, complimented with a pearl necklace. 


Do you like? I sure do! It's very simple, but classy and sophisticated. I think her hair is what took it to the next level. Obama, recently cut her hair in a bob and I adore it. This by far must me the best wrap I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE! *Whoot Whoot to Mrs. Obama!


First Lady Fashion in Mizrahi

Check out my GMC homies put on for the 614 over the Turnt up beat.... Shout out to D-Mo Sincere and A-wattz look out for more projects comming from the GMC click

D Mo, Sincere A-wattz turnt up freestyle


I never seen part 1 but here is the Nino Brown story Pt. 2... DJ Scoob Doo gets footage of Weezy backstage of shows, after parties, video shoots and more check the whole dvd out here.... Someone broke it down into 9 parts on youtube so I put part one up then just follow the play lists for the rest

LIl Wayne -The Nino brown story part 2


Trae Wilborn 

Columbus, Oh (by way of Cleveland)

So what do you do?/ What Industry are you in?
I own a marketing company called 23rdletter marketing, llc that focuses on graphic design, photography and multimedia initiatives;
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Big Things Poppin: Trae Wilborn

KINGSROWE™ series of events...

Apple releases the ipad! This gadget is better than I thought and its affordable! I would rather have this than a net book. Apple has done something big by creating this product, I can't quite put my finger on it, but for $500 bucks I definitely will have my hands on one these in the near future. 

Apple ipad

Man Dj Khaled needs to be stopped I understand hes Mickey D's his giving him a nice check for this promo but hes going alittle too hard with the promo. Listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dj Khaled voice)

Dj Khaled loves food and its only for a dollar

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Sugar Shane Mosley? Could it be after all these years and countless times of Mosley not wanting to fight Floyd.  Well after the little scene Mosley made after Floyds fight, we'll see if Mosley takes this fight.


After not hearing from Redman in two years he's coming back and with a new album! It's set to be released on March 23, 2010! Titled "Reggie Noble 9 1/2". Here's his first single "Oh My" check it out after the break...

Whudup Wednesday: Redman