January 2010

For those who know me personally know I'ma huge Cudi fan. From jump I appreciated the artistic abilities of this dude, and what appeared to be some form of humility.

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Kid Cudi Going Off: "F*ck This Business"

When all else fails post a pic of you getting it poppington with some breezy on Twitter.

That's what Rapper Slim Thug did.

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Xtina's in the Know: Slim Thug- Attention Whore?


It’s a Celebration!!!! As the Cool Kid Crew Brings in the New Year wit a mix perfect for your going out pleasures!!! Enjoy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Whats going on Columbus? I first wanna say thanks for all the love yall been giving me on twitter. I Decided that I wanna have fun with this one. Enough with all the lectures and reviews and how to keep your sneaks clean, if you mess up your kicks that on you lol. While I was putting this together I had to look in the history folder of  my internet explorer browser; because I had to visit some sites I haven't been to in quite some time, and boy the times have changed. Who remembers back when fake kicks weren't considered fakes we called them exclusives? lol. Who remember back when you couldn't go to  Josh's (RIP), Bob's market and Mavericks to cop a fresh fake coogi fit and a pair of "

Deal or No Deal ?