January 2010

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader accused the United States of causing the massive earthquakes that hit Haiti by testing a "tectonic weapon" that would induce the destruction that hit Haiti last week. Chavez was quoted but a spanish newspaper saying the US was "playing god" by testing devices that have the capabilities to create eco-type catastrophes.

To date the 7.0 magnitude earthquake is reported to have killed an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 people. Sources at ground zero report that even as many as 500,000 people may be dead.

Chavez says US weapon caused haiti quake: HAARP? (Video)


Give Trek Manifest HOOOOOOT NEW mixtape a listen! Quietly as kept, Trek's last mixtape was top 3 hottest in Ohio all of last year, and yet everyone slept on it. Maybe yall are still sleep... WAKE UUUUPPPP (Lawrence Fishburne School Daze voice).

Drops: The Coldest Winter

Just found this video. I'm kinda of tired of all the discussion surrounding this dude Jay Z. It's kind of silly to me that people make excuses for him. Anyhow I know many of you may have seen Jay's explanation of the video and his comments regarding his illuminati ties. This is a clip of a christian rapper who is apparently tired of Jay Z's disrespect. Dude actually goes in.

Christian Rapper goes in on Jay Z.


Killer Mike and Dr. Cornell West berak down the N word at a small round table. Killer mike made a great point check it out and tell me what you think

Killer Mike and Dr Cornell West Breakdown the N word

The Smoking Gun reported that Wyclef was using funds from his Yele foundation on hisself and wasnt giving back. I dont know if this was true or not but I do know Wyclef is really out there helping his people out. Check out the press conference he gave today answering the accusations about him taking money from YELE foundation

Wyclef Speaks Out


Now that Stephon Marbury is done with the NBA.  And wasn't picked up by Boston/ or any other team, he is headed to the Chinese Basketball Association.  (Never new they had on) But hopefully he can make his way back to th NBA.


Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

I really like this gown but I think I would like it better if it was not long rather stopping a few inches above her knee. Im not sure if I like the black lace slip either. The shoes, the shoes! No Im not a fav of the shoes. They look too casual to me. I could picture her wearing them with a pair of jeans and a nice top. Certainly not Red Carpet appropriate!  Oh, and maybe a different hair-do. hmm, I say slick back bun. too much height up there.


Red Carpet from the GOLDEN GLOBES

So i'm web surfing and I happen to make my way over to my favorite dark skin @yngblksocialite blogspot CLICK HERE, and see this video of this renegade BITCH announcing she giving AIDS to people because she is mad at the world! C'MON SON!!!!!!!!!!! Now if she serious....smh..lord help her and whoever is in her path. But if this is a joke this was very funny! But either way she makes a valid point, good looks don't mean you CAN'T have AIDS.



Jay Z sits down with Angie Martinez and briefly discusses his religious beliefs and his involvement in any secret societies. I suggest you listen now before someone decides to take this video off youtube! 


Although I often come across many Monique nay-sayers, I happen to be a fan of her work. Monique is a hard-working woman and her incredible work ethic has paid off with her winning of the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Precious.

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California last night. I missed the award show itself, of which I'm pretty ticked off about, but I did not miss the buzz of Monique winning the award.

Click the break for Monique's beautiful acceptance speech with a brief message for all the Precious' of the world...

Xtina's in the Know: Monique Wins Golden Globe Award