January 2010

The speedy Gonzalez rapper Twista has decided from here on out he's going to release a new freestyle everyday for the remainder of 2010! Is this a good idea? Will this get old fast? Twista’s first beat of choice was the Young Money family's "Bed Rock". Check him out, listen closely and hard after the break...

whudup wednesday: Twista

YOUNG MONEY BAAAABY! When does this man sleep? SERIOUSLY! Wayne is dropping albums, mix tapes, and more every other week! Here's a snip it of his latest track "That's what niggas do" Find out exactly what it is they do! After the break...

whudup wednesday: Lil Wayne

Well it offically hit the fan! Renowned fashion stylist Rachel Zoe has a new employee under her belt, Ashley Avignone. Avignone replaced Jacobson, hmm I wonder why? Probably for all those tantrums and back-talking! Well, it is about time. Im not to sure what credentials Ashley has (other than fashion styling) or how old she is but I am sure interested in knowing! Luckly her! I would take the job anyday! Season It is reported by The Cut: New York Magazine Fashion Blog that season three has offically undergone filming, assuming they will show Jacobson leaving and the arrival of Avignone.


We shall see!

Zoe Kicks Jacobson for Avignone

Charles Woodson the former Heisman winner, and now Defensive player of the year is back at it and having one of the best if not the best season of his career.


We gettin money over here, forget who's over there... lol

We gettin google money

A massive hurricane measuring a whopping 7.3 on the richter scale hit Haiti today causing the collapse of several government buildings including the presidential palace and hospitals. The earthquake knocked out all levels of communication making it virtually impossible to get an accurate account of casualties. Authorities fear the number of feared dead are in the thousands and will continue to grow as rescue efforts increase. Katie Couric was able to speak with the ambassador about the disaster.

Haiti Earthquake: Thousands Feared Dead


Stick too stiff arms and the tea cup thing you do when you score touchdowns... thats your thing yo!!!

F*** You LT for that WACK *$$ Dance yo

Now alot of people diss me(@Iamkreg) because I do not play Madden or NBA 2000,2009, 2010 2300 who cares! If i play PS3 or Xbox I'm playing the real games like Resident Evil, Halo bitch!, Call of duty real spit like that. People get killed playing Madden its not that serious fam, relax! I wish you had the much passion when it came to doing real spit, something that was worth it, like getting a job or taking care of your kids! Anyway there is an exception to this sports video game world I will play, and thats the the Legendary NBA JAMS. I will play this for hours at a time, and slam dunk my nutz on top of your head. (pause)

p.s- Shoutout out to Jarrell http://igniteinit.com/ over in Virginia for making me hip to this!



I know the song isnt new, but maybe it is to some of you that havent got that Kid Cudi album...reason one why you should..

Pursuit of Happiness

Sade is back like she never left and is coming hard with the creativity. After a ten year hiatus, she is making a comeback to never forget with her debut single "Soldier of Love." The song is hot and the video is even better. 

The video brings back the creativity and innovation that has been lost in the 'visual aides' that are representative of the music that many artists put out today. 

Click the break for the video…

Xtina's in the Know: Soldier of Love