January 2010

Shout out to my homie loserkid745 follow him on twitter and check his blog out on http://drankupinmycup.com/. He sent this video over to me and these tricks Danny Macaskill are crazy on the bike. Check the video out

Crazy bike tricks

The homie RonnieMo a kingsrowe.com Soilder is one of the funniest twiggaz on twitter if you dont follow him please do so now. So right before 2009 ended for some reason he felt the urge to attack Jim Jones on twitter. Watch the Drama unfold LOL LOL.

The Life and Twits of RonnieMO (kingsrowe.com EXCLUSIVE)

One of the illest comedians you will ever know about, hands down. I always like substance to artwork whether it be music, film or in Paul Mooney's case comedy! My entire soul was laughing at the things Paul Money joked about in the video's I'm about to show you. This man can make a person laugh about their moms death, SMH, thats a magnificent talent.



Ok if you follow Bow wow on twitter you would know that he dropped his new mixtape yesterday which we posted on the site as well (shameless plug LOL). You would also know that he was telling us that he hit 1.1 million downloads in a short period of time. Also to my surprise Jae Millz dropped a mixtape too which I didnt know intill today. He claims to have reached 200k yesterday. Now Im not hating because I like the music they have been putting out but Nahright.com did a nice write-up that my hip hop fans my like or dislike so check out the link...OH yeah check out Jae Millz mixtape as well


Is Bow Wow lying about downloads for his new mixtape

I know this video is old but I came across this and I had to post it on the site. We all know that all of those hits WSHH gets on those videos is fake. There is no way people are really clicking on half of those videos they post on the site. On top of that people really pay money to get seen on there site which is total BS to me. They tried to charge us for are Drake interview then after Vladtv put the video on his blog for free. They swagger jack and post the video two days later. OK enough talking watch the videos

WSHH Exposed


Since Usher has signed those "papers" he has definitely changed his style in music. The man went from sexy/seducing to just flat out a "Little Freak"! That's his latest single title feat the one only Nicki Minja. The check was produced by Polow Check em out! After the break...

Whudup Wednesday:Usher & Nicki Minaj


This is what happens when you put your Grandmothers in front of a green screen and show then the image that will be behind them as they ride a roller coaster.

The voices of Mickey Mouse

“Her Love to Hate”  By  S.W.Breaston
aka S.Phantom







Her love to hate

whats up world i was looking around on the net and i was about to log off but i had to go ahead and uplift some spirits and break some hearts. me personally i am anticipating the air jordan retro 6's also known as the infrareds. This release is personally HUGE to me so i will be after them like they are the space jams all over again but i doubt the rest of columbus will. This is actually the good news part of this post. These shoes release January 23rd which is on a saturday , so this will be no surprise like the retro 11's on wednesday before christmas.

GOOD new and BAD news

The media is still having a hey-day with the Tiger Woods saga. The "retired" golf super-star will be appearing on a magazine stand near you very soon.

The February 2010 issue of Vanity Fair will feature Tiger Woods on it's cover bare-chested. The image was originally shot before the scandal happened by photographer Annie Leibovitz. 

More after the break...

Xtina's in the Know: Tiger's Vanity