February 2010

Wiz Khalifa came to town this past Wednesday and stopped in Sole Classics for an interview with Kingsrowe's own Kreg & Dez before his performance at Skully's. Peep the photos from Skully's after the break. The interview is coming soon...


The internet is great! Especially when Spitta drops good music all over it. The snippets from this sho nuff gets a Mickeyfickey ready Currency's next installment of hottness! Could he be coming to Columbus Ohio soon?   


I dont know about yall... but im a huge Styles Jada and Sheek fan so i downloaded this mixtape and posted cause i know this will be quality Ish (Download link after break)

Gifts From WesLexner: Styles P and Green Lantern - Green Ghost Project

Seen this video while i was tryna finish the internet.  Hilarious. You know, all guys do need clean balls!!!

Axe Cleans Your Balls

So let me get this straight. These lesbians paid this guy to have sex with them right? Then they took him to petty claims court... wait, isn't this PROSTITUTION!!!!????? Why are we blind to the real issue here? LOL These ho*s are TRICKIN'! LOL

Sperm Fail

With Ladainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook being cut, who will be bid on first? Seeing that Westbrook can't seem to stay healthy and Tomlinson doesn't have the jucie anymore, which teams will risk hiring the Veterans?


I think Monica's new album still standing may be one the MOST anticipated albums in R&B coming out this year. The release date is March 9, 2010!!! Monica looks AMAZING in this video! She definitely did her thing with the couture looks! Check Monica's new video "Everything to me" with Chad Johnson aka 'Ocho Cinco' playing her leading man! Press play after the break…

whudup wednesday: Monica


Above...Nike Tan RT1 High Available online at www.urbanoutfitters.com $115.00

I love the warm weather and I can't wait!!!! Anyways Im the biggest nike head but I refuse to wear my Nikes in the winter and jack them up...so now that the snow may melt very soon, lets get our sneaker game right....right?

Nike Air Max 180. White Orange and Teal, Couldn't find the release date but they said sometime in spring 2010

Spring things...

After 9 years with the Chargers Ladainian Tomlinson has been released by the only family he knows.  Sad story to some, but at the end of the day it's a business.


It was inevitable that the next big news we would hear about Katt Williams is that he is indeed going broke!

With all the controversy surrounding him over the past year from being arrested for burglary to being caught with possession of a fire arm in LAX, his life has been on one big downward spiral and now he can add a repossessed Phantom Rolls Royce and a home that is being forclosed on to his list of failures.

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Xtina's in the Know: Pimpin' Ain't Easy…Especially If You're Broke