February 2010

Kid CuDi has been in the studio lately working on his next album that is set to be released sometime this year. He's also been working on a new show that he will star in "How to Make in Amwerica" it will premire on 16th of this month on HBO. Check out this new track "Highs N Lows" we al have experience them in life! Tune it after the break... 

Finally Friday: Kid CuDi


WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!! I came across this video today and I cant believe what I just saw. Now I would be lying if I said I made it past the first 20 seconds of the video. What made me click on this I dont know but im glad I did. Its so many things wrong with this video I would be here for hours pointing them out. The funniest thing to me is you cant hear one word the rappers is saying LOL

Is this thing on? LOL


Trey Songz just so happens to be one of the hottest R&B singers out right now and has women swooning all over the map with his sultry voice. He is definitely easy on the eyes and just did a couple of photo shoots for Honey Mag back in January and for MTV that'll have you staring. 

Trey is also set to perform on the Blue Print 3 Tour with Jay-Z and Young Jeezy.

Click the break for a few of the sexy and sophisticated photos...

Xtina's in the Know: Special Eye Candy Edition - For the Ladies

COOL KID RADIO IS BACK! Kick it wit DaCoolestKidUno and Smack MArcus as they talk about reality shows! We know we all love them! Also, Hampton U, tighten up thier rules a bit, Usher moved on already, and Is Tila Tequila playing a Game? We’ll Talk about it in Cool Kid Radio! Also we got a exclusive interview wit Travis Porter! Tjis time its real I promise! All on Cool Kid Radio, the Cool way to Radio!!!!!!


Bruce Lee x Nike Zoom Kobe V x Promotional Posters


Dope ass drop from B.o.B. Download link below. My personal favorite from the mixtape is track #7 entitled "F*uck The Money" ft. Asher Roth. 





B.o.B - May 25th Mixtape


American commanders on the ground in Afghanistan have declared that the assault is imminent. 

As a result of President Barack Obama's "surge" that included the addition of 30,000 more troops, US, British and Afghan forces plan to flood into a Taliban enclave in southern Helmand province. 

Expected to last six to eight weeks, 15,000 personnel are planning to attach and occupy the town of Marjah which is described to be a "festering sore" where bomb makers and opium traffickers are believed to have given refuge to many Taliban fighters. U.S. officers believe that at least 600 to 1,000 fighters are in the district. 

Afghanistan: US and British prepare biggest offensive since 2001



Many celebrities take to their Twitter pages as an outlet for venting, so I was not surprised to learn that Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond was ranting about the way she was portrayed in his E! True Hollywood Story.

click the break to see what she was tweeting about...

Xtina's in the Know: Another Twitter Rant

Coach has a new niche, Men's accessories!

Coach to open men's-only store


HAHA so this banker has to know that the guy behind him is doing an interview right? WRONG! This banker gets caught looking at "naughty" pictures while at work. Stressful day huh buddy? lol

Be aware of your surroundings