March 2010

So if you havent heard the story Chyi Da prynce is a rapper that is trying to make it in the game like alot of other cats. Anyway one special day Kayne got on his blog and said that the guy was dope and the rest was history now the world is watching the man. Its crazy how a cosign can change your life.

Cyhi da prynce speaks on how Kanye West cosign changed his life


Here is footage I(@dezarnez) forgot to put of Wiz in SXSW.  Also some new footage of Wiz doing a show @ Fillmore Irving. Word on the Street is Kush X Orange juice is dropping this week so stay tune. Oh yeah, shoutout to Wiz DJ. Oh my, she is so lovely

Wiz Khalifa Live SXSW and Fillmore Irving

Here is a recap of what went down at the wish for the "A night with Jordan Brand" event. This is just a short video; more flim is coming soon.

wish X theshoegame a night with jordan brand recap

If you dont know who Ski Beatz is, then you need to google him. Anyway in this interview ski beatz talks about how he got into the game, how he feels Curren$y is the next artist to make it big, and much more

Ski Beatz

Could Micheal Vick be the reason for the Eagles wanting to possilbly get rid of Donovan McNabb?  What brings the Eagles to this decision after all the success McNabb's had with them?


Two of the dopest visual videos this year


"I like cooking breakfast for my family, daddy is cooking some eggs right here with the sausage you follow and here is....yeah! LMFAO




Usher's newest album Raymond vs Raymond is set for release March 30! He also recently released the sexy and edgy video for his single Lil Freak and boy is Nicki playing her role in this video all the buzz about her being bi...just watch the video, but of course after the jump! 

#newmusicmonday Usher feat Nicki Minaj Lil Freak video

Take a listen to whats playing in Arris head. Arris is a great mofo to have a session with and listen to great tunes! The selection is very broad, it can range from Bricks by Gucci to Glory Box by portishead and beyond! Follow the homie @Arrisjermal

MusicMonday with Arris


Its crazy that this video was made in 1999. It seems like it was longer then that. I(@dezarnez) didn't understand a thing they was saying back then and I have a hard time understanding now. Either way "Wanna Be A Baller" still goes down in the history books to me. So here yall go throwback video of the day:

A Trip Down Dez's Video Lane Vol.4