May 2010

Im not gonna @ no names but a few friends have been trying to pull me (@whoijsaewood) into the Nike SB world and if stuff like this keeps surfacing it just might happen. This shoe was introduced at a dunk exchange expo event and was based off of the pink panther SB's. This shoes is covered with orange fur and the swoosh is decked out in green fur. Unfortunately this shoe is not scheduled to surface but still a possibility so stay tuned because things just may change.

SB MADNESS (Garfield)

Check out the latest from Big Sean, "What U Doin'"
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Big Sean - What U Doin'

I(@dezarnez) got to holla at Dj holiday when he was in the Cap City this past winter. We talked about how he got into the Dj game, what mixtape jump started his career, and a few other things. Check out the interview after the break

Dj Holiday @Sole Classics interview

Check out this dope spoken word from Boonaa Mohammed. Shoutout to my twigga @PhillysABigDeal for the link. Checkout her blog

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Boonaa Mohammed - Green Card

Nike Sportswear is the "cool" division of the brand; you know, the Quick-strike Airforce One's, Dunks, and 6.0- one half of the skateboard line (Nike SB being the other).  Of course all the fresh items are men's and it seems Nike is starting to get the hint that women are fans too; sheesh, all my Jordan's are a 5.5 in boys.  So it's no surprise they created Women's Sportswear, Jordan's, One's, and now 6.0.


Nike Women's 6.0


Check out J.Osceola's new single "Billion Dollar Dreams" featuring Le, from his anticipated mixtape The Brain Food Project.  This beat is dope and the song is hot.  More after the break.

J.Osceola "The Brain Food Project"

The Houston Texans has a workhouse at linebacker with Brian Cushing.  But it seems as if Cushing has been feeding his body with performance enhancing drugs. 


I love these girls and all of their youtube videos. Candy Slice is at it again this time they remade Ludacris My Chick Bad. If you havent seen any of Candy Slice work check out there money to blow video

My chick Bad Glee audition

Man this video had me dying this is A Candy Slice Comedy tribute to comedienne Betty White. Trust me you will be weak after this video LOL LOL

Nothing on you Betty

I know im late but been mad busy with alot of other stuff that kingsrowe got going on. Anyway this tape right here is by the homie G.O.D. Jewels. You may have seen his ALL THINGS GO video on Kingsrowe last month but this tape is fire. R.A.C.E., Keeps you running, and Under the Act are some of my personal favorites on the tape.

G.O.D. Jewels - Greatness Opens Doors