June 2010

So me (@dezarnez) and the homie Omar Swanson (@johnniehandsome) where chilling in Sole Classics and we came across pics of Nia Long and Joy Bryant which lead to the question "Which one you taking?" I picked Nia Long and O picked Joy Bryant who yall picking? More pics after the break

Nia Long or Joy Bryant

We rock with Wiz Khalifa over here at "The Rowe" so check out his Deal Or No Deal recap after the break

Wiz Khalifa - Daytoday Deal Or NO Deal OutTakes

Ummmm im kinda in the air about this one. Nike made a few tweets about a Foamposite that they where working on. I was hoping on the Red one I seen a few months back. Instead they put this out I just hope nike doesnt over do it with the Foamposite.

Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite


I dont know how I feel about 2k sports bring M.J. back to video games. I mean its nice to see the return of Jordan on video games and we all know NBA 2k is the best basketball game out, but I can see people now trying to use Jordan everytime you play them. Let me know how yall feel about this move

2kSports brings Michael Jordan Back

I became a fan of Fab after his set @soleclassics Gallery Hop. Listen as he kills Drake's light up instrumental and dont forget to check out www.milkNsyrup.com

Fabrashay A - Light Up Freestyle

Go LA!


Aside from Kobe Bryant unveiling "The Big Stage Edition," finals version, of the the Nike Zoom Kobe, which in my opinion is IGHTTTTT, I saw something that made my argument that much more valid. Now before I start my brief rant, I am super Lebron bias but I know the reality of the situation. Lebron will be great, he is not now, but he will be. He has a lot of growing up and developing to do in his career thus far. But I still feel like Kobe is a bitch nigga but he is a champion and rings are the difference between champions and competitors. Great players get their team to be where they need to be and he does it....................But he's still a bitch nigga! Notice the difference between a champion and competitor. PLEASE WATCH BOTH VIDEOS after the break!!!!

Kobe + Lebron+ Debate = irrelevant

I know it's been a minute since I've blogged about celebrity gossip and what have you but I was on a vacay amongst other things. Now I'm back with a video of rapper 50 Cent discussing his dramatic weight loss.

Everyone has already peeped the photos of 50 taken while on the set of his new movie which will be out later this year. In the video he talks about why and how he lost the weight and what the role he plays really meant to him. I also would like to point out that the rapper himself wrote the screen play so I'm curious to see how well he did.

The video is right after the break...

Xtina's in the Know: 50 Cent On His Dramatic Weight Loss; How & Why

Just the way Ken Griffey Jr. wanted, there will be no farewell tour for one of the greatest players in baseball history. Instead, Griffey simply informed the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday night his career was over.



Shout out to my homie D'Nell for putting me onto White's music. Here is the trailer from the YBM video shoot of Doe Boy Fresh. Be on the look for White's mixtape June 6th and more projects to come from YBM this summer.

YBM Making of Doe Boy Fresh