September 2010

So I finally saw this on ESPN last night and all most fell out of bed from laughing. Where did they find this guy? The kid's whole reason for trying out was to tackle Brutus during this game. Not only did he earn the job, but he actually hyped himself up enough to follow through. Look at the balls on that cat. #pause. Pun intended. The best part about this story is that the dude doesn't even go to OU anymore, so I take it, they can't do anything about this LOL. This premeditated attack on Brutus proves my theory correct, EVERYONE HATES THE BUCKEYES! 

Hide your mascots, they rapin EVERYBODY out here!

I swear Jordan Brand is really killing me with these hybrid shoes they kept puttin out. For $150.00 I cant see many of these being rocked in a hood near you anytime soon. Check the video if you want too smh.. BOOOOOOOOO Jordan Brand for this shoe

C'Mon Jordan Brand

Get ready for Nemo tape NorthStar on 9/22 this cat is dope

Nemo - Black Hole


Kanye West is continuing to release nothing but GOOD music! But could you really ever expect anything less from him? His new album “Dark Twisted Fantasy” has been rumored for release on November 16. In the mean time checkout his latest “Lord Lord Lord” don’t let the title throw you off just LISTEN!!! After the jump…


Here is a DOPE bag for the Ladies!!! The Designer is by a women name Jenny Yuen that also designs things such as DOPE clothes, and AMAZING accessories. The link to the website is http://www.miss-lonelyhearts.com ...... SHOP!!! SHOP!!! SHOP!!!

Jenny Yuen Bag for the LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like Wiz will be dropping a video soon for the "Black and Yellow" track. While we wait for the video here is a few pics for you.

Behind The Scenes Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow Video

Damn I (@dezarnez) wish these joints dropped in all sizes. Instead, Nike released these in only a Sz.15. You have the option on buying either the Left or Right. We all know in about 3 years Nike will release this shoe in all sizes. For now just take alook at this crazy kick

Nike Court Ballistec 2.2 Tennis Ball

Daily inspiration


Me(@dezarnez) and Jordi found this video last night and had to post this. This can easily be a Columbus classic club track LOL

Starting Six - Thirsty


MORE unrelased music from one of the greatest rappers to EVER LIVE! Check out "Untouchables" by Tupac

Whudup Wednesday: Tupac