September 2010

Uhhhh . . .yeh. I never really held a grudge against Eminem for his lyrics about his momma and girl, but EVEN if I did, it doesn't change the fact that he is one of the best artist I have ever heard!! - Definitely in my top 3, Eminem kills the Drake "Over" beat and the following Lloyd Banks "Beemer, Benz, or Bently" hit.  He freestyles for 2 minutes straight as a lil teaser for his Recovery album (which is currently one of my favorite albums right now).

Before you listen just read the excerpt below to get an idea of what your about to hear:

Eminem is a MONSTER!! - Best Freestyle Ever

If you are unfamiliar to who Lil B is then you probably won't like this track or this site for posting this track. We don't really care because we cookin over here. #MasterChef #Swag #Based. lol



Caught @ChaddyAddy doing sit-ups



Last season, Acne Jeans released the ever so popular Atacoma platform boot (first image) that I've been oogling over.  It seemed every modest fashion guru ended up owning them, but me. *hmph!   

ACNE- Admire Wedge Boot


Nothing else to say...


No posts until after the game. O-H...


YO! HAHA our homie Freaky Franz is MAJOR now! He is all in this Converse commercial. PLEASE pay attention to the dance he does towards the end of the commercial. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #SWAG! lol 

Late Pass: Freaky Franz is MAJOR!

Former Ohio State Buckeye Evan Turner debuts is new Li-Ning sneaker. I know your thinking, "what the fu*k is Li-Ning?" Li-Ning is a Chinese powerhouse sportswear brand that currently also has Baron Davis signed. He will be wearing these sneakers this basketball season as he hopes to lead the Philadelphia 76ers to the playoffs as a rookie.

Evan Turner Li Ning Conquer

Wiz Khalifa - Damn it feels good to be taylor

Curren$y Killa Kyleon - 4 hours & 20 minutes