October 2010

Diggin Art at this point, so while I was on www.Hypebeast.com I (@iamkreg) came across this this project that Ebon Heath, a graphic designer, was doing with Talib Kweli. Project seemed weird at first however was pretty dope after watching the entire video.

Typographic Ballet Featuring Ebon Heath & Talib Kweli


My homie Freaky Franz has sent me this new track and I can't wait to make some music with the kid. Check this out

Freaky Franz - 99 volvo (prod by Iyeball of Fly Union)

"What level do I read on? ...5th grade ..why!?"


Man! I've been wanting to put this on here for a minute now, but my procrastination at O-State kinda got in the way.  Anyways, this Sh*t Right Herrrre, Ni99a!! lol Has me weak every time! Shout out to my big brother for putting me on this! 

...I don't know who does impersonations better!: Affion Crockett or this lil niglet!

Hilarious Jay-Z & 50 Cent Spoof


What are the big three trying to see who can make the best commercial now WTF

who's commercial is next chris bosh CMON SON

If your anywhere close to knowledgable about the history behind the air jordan sneaker, you have to know who Tinker Hatfield is (these are 3 very interesting videos honestly). He is the creator behind a majority of the popular air jordan shoe models 3 to present. If you watch the interview he drops a little bit of science behind what goes into them and some of the inspirations behind some of the shoes he had a hand in designing. He also speaks on the inspiration behind designing the Nike air max 1 , the air jordan 11, and a host of other iconic shoes.

Tinker Hatfield interview @ Sole collector limited release event

Since former Heisman winner, Troy Smith, was released from the Ravens, some questioned if he'd ever get the chance to start again, or even play again.  Especially seeing as how the 49ers picked him up with already having a future QB in Alex Smith.  But with Alex Smith now hurt, and Nate Davis being cut, Troy Smith's moment to start again has arrived. 

But with a 1-6 record, can Troy Smith come in and turn things around?  He may not be able to do this, but he most definitely can spark the offense up.  Reuniting with long time highschool and college teammate, Ted Ginn, should be a site to see.  Maybe their long time chemistry on the field can get the ball rolling in San Fransico.


The Fonz



New track from my homie P Blackk. Check him out, he's up next from Columbus, Oh:

P Blackk Feat. Brandun DeShay Nemo Achinda - Izuaintorizuwitit

This aint funny so dont you dare laugh! But when rappers start putting viral videos out after robbery attempts theres a problem.

Yall tried to rob the Drag -


Allen Iverson, one of the NBA's most prolific scorers, is set to sign for Turkey's Besiktas on a two-year contract worth an annual $2 million, Turkish media reported on Monday.



Sneaker pimp tour 2010 Miami with special guest Rick Ross and Reakwon in the building. Check out the video

Sneaker Pimp tour 2010 Miami