October 2010

This topic will probably never get old, as long as black women continue to not be married by black men so they can raise a family! NOT saying its the women fault by any stretch of the imagination, and no we dont believe its the fault of the black males either but we do admit our faults in this show, so listen learn and grow. #BIOTCH



10/25/10 Kreg and Dez Show THE WOMEN

C'mon man danmmm. Where the hell do you draw the line?

This Video speaks for itself:

PAUSE !!!! What The F*#K


It comes to no surprise that future Hall of Famer Allen Iverson has yet to sign with a NBA team for this upcoming season. Last season, Iverson retired while playing for the Memphis Grizzlies and then returned to the Philadelphia 76ers. After a brief stint with the 76ers, Iverson left the team due to family issues.

There have been several reports that Iverson may play in China or Turkey. Yes, you read that right and it is not a typo. No disrespect to the players in those leagues, but this is the Allen Iverson we are talking about.

From Being a Former MVP to The Unemployed Line: Allen Iverson Deserves Better by @ronhamp

This upcoming season the Ohio State men's basketball team will possess a one of a kind talent. Columbus, Ohio's own Jared Sullinger will be dawning the scarlet and gray this season.

Sullinger is a throwback player compared to the big guys who play the post today. Sullinger has great fundamentals and he uses his strength and high basketball IQ to dominate opponents.

Being from Columbus, when you hear the last name Sullinger, you automatically think of basketball. Similar to when hearing the last name Bush you think of politics.

HomeIs Where the Heart Is: Jared Sullinger's Impact As An Ohio State Buckeye by @ronhamp

This is by far the best response that I have seen for any controversy. I thought the Nike x Tiger Woods commercial after his fiasco was decent, other than him looking like he was about to cry. #Fail. This commercial is pure genius though. It captures comedy, sincerity and a hint of animosity. Just watch it, it is crazy... 

Best commercial I've ever seen... by Nike

Kreg & Dez - Stupid Fruity Hookah

Shoutout to my Homie Kassim Repping Kingsrowe with the very first Kingsrowe Goodwood Chain. Follow him on twitter @abdiKassim.

KingsRowe Sighting: @abdikassim

This right here is powerful. I think all artist should watch this video if they plan on breaking into the music biz.

Yung Guru talks about Artist Enslavement and The Industry

Another great video by L.E.P. Bogus Boyz. Check it out:

L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Trading Places

Joey is back with another Mood Muzik. I also put up the links to Mood Muzik 2 and 3. If anyone can find Mood m=Muzik 1 hit me up @dezarnez on Twitter.


Mood Muzik 4

Mood Muzik 3

Mood Muzik 2

Joe Budden Mood Muzik 4: Turn 4 The Worst (mixtape)