October 2010




House of Hoops in Miami did a special release for the "Lebron VIII Pre-Heat".

Lebron James X House Of Hoops Miami

The Kreg and Dez show is back like we
never left because we didn't leave we’ve just been doing all types of
famous rapper shit and interviewing other rappers and making them
famous, but now we’re back...


Kreg and Dez Show Kickoff

9/30/2010 Kreg and Dez Show

Acapulco Gold is releasing their 2010 Fall Collection this friday on www.acapulcogoldny.com !!! There's some DOPE stuff check it out....

Fall 2010 Acapulco Gold


Black Friday is coming... P Blackk whudup?

"Aint nothin to it..."

We see you homie. Follow the homie @snapbacktoon on twitter... Yahhh. 

Kingsrowe sighting: @SnapBackToon

Um......I wanna be like her. Seriously.

If you didn't already know, Willow Smith is the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.  As if their life isn't perfect enough, they go head and create this fantastic being of a child star.  Apparently she has a "clear vision" of what she wants to do and be at the age of 9, yes I said it, 9 years old! - With that attitude, I think she could very well be the next Michael Jackson.  **Crossing my fingers she stays away from plastic surgery and cocaine**

Her energetic, fun-loving, and most importantly - COOL - self has gotten her signed to the one and only Jay Z's Roc Nation.  Bet Rihanna is scared to get beat, I mean out shined by Willow.

The Baddest .....9 year old?!!!

Okay, so Kanye has been on my suicide watch for a little bit now. I am a firm believer that he is depressed or unhappy at this point of his life, but it hasn't stopped him from making classic after classic. Controversy is the best way to stay relevant in this generation so I guess he is either psycho or genius. The line between the two may be thinner than the line between love and hate. This cover is the one that KanYe proposed for his new project, which was going to be called "Good ass job." I guess now we are not only waiting on a new name for the album, but a new cover as well... lol

I wonder who looked at the cover and banned it like "hell no Kanye, not with this white girl you wont!"

Kanye West's banned album cover

"How to make iced tea... LIKE A BOSS"