October 2010

This track is fire right here! Ye' had some quoteable bars on this joint:

Lloyd banks Fabolous Kanye West Swizz Beatz Ryan Leslie - start it up

@Dezarnez swears he is the hip hop prophet! Arguing his point that 50 Tyson has more street cred than Antoine Dodson, therefore, having the right to perform at the BET Awards! Rap is still a young genre of music and growing; We discuss how hiphop/rap is still alive, well, and kicking! So Download the show, put it in your itunes or media player and laugh!


10/11/10 Kreg&Dez Show

Ohio States coach, Jim Tressel, reaches a major milestone Saturday against Indiana.  Jim Tressel wins his 100th career win as the Buckeyes head coach.


This documentary will be dropping late fall, highlighting some of the most influential innovators in the fields of fashion, art, advertising and entertainment. A must see for me.

Influencers (trailer)


New Video from Wiz Khalifa entitled Black & Yellow. The video is currently Video of the Week on MTV2 Jams. Directed by Bill Paladino.

Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (Video)


Heartfelt drop from Detroit artists Seville and LB. I attended BGSU with the both of them and I can say these are two very talented and creative dudes. Production from my bruh Richard Autry and his bro Ray (Write Bros Productions). Be on the lookout for more from all these guys. BG WHAT UP!


Heartache and Pain - Seville ft. LB


If you notice at the beginning of this video they make a reference to autism. I must say that caught me way off guard. But from the looks of it, this kid may be on his was to getting signed. Mean while, people are out here trying so hard to get on lol. Ya'll might wanna try dumbing down your lyrics. lol 

50 Tyson signed ?

I was chillin' in the barber shop when someone told me to look up at the video with lil boosie throwing hundreds. This had to be the most ignorant shit I have ever seen. It was funny and entertaining, but this was some ignorant ass shit and I figured I'd share it with the rest of the world. If you are the type of person to throw money, just know you have to pick it right back up so whats the damn point?! 

Ignorant inc.



Now if the NFL brings back the end zone dancing, I can start watching games again. In the mean time, the highlights will do.

Barry Cofield Dont Taze Me bro Dance