November 2010

Shout out Push Montana for showing love on twitter. Peep the mixtape: Fresh Dope

Push! Montana - Fresh Dope


if your out the loop Diddy wanted to sign Jay Electronica bad but he chose to take his talents to Roc Nation. Check this video out by Itsthereal.com LOL LOL

Jay ElecLeBronica

I just zoned out listening to this. More Cudi, less Wayne. 

We aite (Wake your mind up)

Crowd Participation: The Issue With The Ohio Music Scene


Manny Pacquiao won a unanimous
decision over a taller and heavier Antonio Margarito to become the World
Boxing Council’s Super Welterweight champion.  Pound for pound, one of the best boxers Manny Pacquiao is.  Some would say Floyd Mayweather is.  But when you hold 8 championship belts, which is more than Floyd Mayweather, Thomas Herns, and Sugar Ray Leonar's 5 belts.  And Oscar De La Hoy's 6, and in his last five fights.  Allm of his opponents have been bigger than him.  And he still continues to run through these boxers.  Will we ever see Manny Pacquiao Vs. Floyd Mayweather?


The Fonz


I dont think anybody seen this coming but some how Jay-Z got Jay Electronica to signed to Roc Nation. Check out "The Announcement"

Jay Electronica - The Announcement

2pac energy drinks? They couldnt pick a better person to put on the front of the can? I really dont know what part to laugh at rather its the fact that Pac is holding his shirt up with the logo across his belly. Or is it the fact that they really have a paragraph telling you why you need to buy this LOL.


Major Rest - Energy Drink Edition


Words really cant express how piss I am about this who combo thats going on right here. Ladies please dont tell me yall rocking these? If yall find anybody wearing a pair of these please hit me on twitter @dezarnez with a twitpic

Major Rest - Jordan Heel Edition

Shoutout to the good people over at Homage on making the NBA JAM X Mick Boogie Collab mixtape you can download the mixtape here and the Homage T-shirt you can cop it from here

Mick Boogie - 93 Til Infinity mixtape

Late Pass on this interview but whatever which this joint O sharp what up... Trav Dave what up

Dj Osharp interview with Dj Clark Kent