November 2010

Most radio heads who may not keep up with underground hip hop scene may only remember Joe Budden from his song "Pump It Up" which was used repeatedly in You Got Served. Joe Budden has been making quality music for awhile now but most have dismissed it because of him being the "dude who made that garbage Pump It Up song." Budden, who is now signed with Slaughterhouse, is defiantly putting out quality hip hop that is dope on all levels. Mood Muzik 4: A Turn for the Worst definatly has a dark feel to it beginning with the lead single "Black Cloud" and its dope from beginning to end.


Original Fake is dropping some of their new releases from their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. 3 DOPE tees, 2 DOPE scarves, and 1 DOPE belt !!!!! Go cop at http://store.original-fake.com/ before its all gone !!!!!!

Original Fake - New Releases !!!!!!!!

This is HILARIOUS! I have never laughed so hard at a comedian that WASN'T funny. Ever. Peep it

Not One Joke???


One of my many celeb girlfriends Angela Simmons looking super good in Miami. I dare yall to try and slander her

Angela Simmons What up!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoutout to @wanyo119 and @nerdatcooltable these dudes have me rolling everyday on twitter check out the blog site and www.nerdatthecooltable.com and hear what they say about whats really used to make the McRib LOL

The true ingredients of the McDonalds McRib

This was a Classic Riff Battle this summer at Sole Classics check it out

Benny614Tv: @Eg_KoolKids Vs @Mrmax2u

Before i begin this next segment of what we at kingsrowe like to call the "solecial club". I wanna start out saying if your an avid sneaker collector, just know that your blessed. You are blessed in every essence of the word. For you to be able to continuously make purchase after purchase on shoes at a one hundred dollar minimum, know that god can take that all  away just as fast as he blessed you with it (no disrespect to any other religions out there.)

Solecial Club : Chatting with King JD

I wonder if Sling Shot will be swaggerjacking any moves from my man B-Shoc anytime soon?... snap. lol

The Jesus Lean... snap

#NERDLIFE WTF Contra Vs. Duck Hunt


Kid Cudi drops his second album Man On The Moon II : The Legend Of Mr. Rager. Kid Cudi is one of my personal favorite artist and I'm glad to see that he's around to drop another one a year later. Man On The Moon : The End Of Day was a classic, lets see what his second album is about. "BUY" the album and SUPPORT G.O.O.D MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon II : The Legend Of Mr. Rager !!!!!