March 2011

Stevie Taylor lead his team to a district championship for the second straight season and set his school's all time scoring record. Stevie lead Gahanna Lincoln to a one loss regular season and a deep tournament run in his usual entertaining style.

PS watch number 50 around the 1:13 mark LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stevie Taylor Senior Year Highlights 2010-2011 Season - Crazy Handles, Sick Dimes

this woulda won the dunk contest

Soccer flip self alley oop... WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!


one of my fav jay songs

WesLex's Song Of Da Day: Jay-Z - Who Ya Wit (language NWS)


Now half yall know Mashonda as Swizz Beatz Ex wifey but do remember folks she was a artist as you can see in the videos above... Im not here to talk about the whole divorce she had with Swizz Da Monster but I am here to talk about her on the new cover of "King"... Now since King is "the illest men's mag" and Kingsrowe is "the illest" its only right we post this on the site... I cant front I forgot about Mashonda but it looks like she needs her groove back... Im only a tweet away holla @dezarnez.. Be on the look out for this issue to hit newstands soon March 29th to be exact

Mashonda "You Fancy HUH"

"I mean you kinda like that girl that’s in the US Open I mean I got this hidden agenda that you provoking" - Drake In the morning

I dont care what none of yall say but this commerical alone makes me want to go out and buy this new top spin.... I never watched Tennis and really dont care for Tennis intil Serena Williams changed the game... Yeah she's a good player and all but the catsuit she rocked in 2002 makes me yell my god (pusha t voice)


SERENA WILLIAMS TOP SPIN 4 Commerical Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I been waiting for this for awhile now and here it is Pusha T drops the "Fear Of God" mixtape... I havent heard the whole tape yet Ill give yall my feed back in a few days in the mean time shut up download and listen....

Download here >>>>>>   PUSHA T FEAR OF GOD


Derrick Rose, Where do I begin?  Do i start with he is one the best, if not the best PG's in the game.  Or do i start with he is the top MVP candidate.  MVP! MVP!   Or i can just boast about how he is unstoppable and dominates other PG's and teams.  But i won't do all the telling.  I'll just show you how much of a beast D-Rose has always been.  BTW! I am a Bulls fan.


The Fonz


Late Pass on this mixtape but I finally got a chance to listen to the mixtape and I cant front I like what J Rawls put together... Every artist is from Ohio and its a wide range of styles displayed on this tape... Check it out



Von Pea and DonWill released a mixtape with the Roots backin them up with fresh live beats.  DEFININTELY GO FIND IT SOMEWHERE. 

WesLex's Song Of Da Day: DonWill and Von Pea (from tanya morgan) Syrup Sandwiches

So I was chillin watching Mich Vs Duke and I get a song in my inbox and off Rip I shake my head because I couldnt believe the rap name or the title of the song... I click play and tears rolled down my nike hoodie... This guy is forreal spamming twitter with this song in hopes of landing on the XXL freshman class next year... Too much worldstar hip hop and Kush smoke got cats losing they mind... Take a listen then hit me up on twitter and let me know what you think im out.


I got this spam on a sunday