March 2011

Our very own Fabrashay A seems to be droppin' jammer after jammer. Sometimes without even tryin' to! Last night he leaked this joint that didn't make 'The Art Show'. And it GOES! 


Shoutout to A.U. as well on the production


Oh. And you don't have to be a smoker to appreciate this song. I promise. Lol


Download it right here! http://hulkshare.com/ka6ksp5ithz0

Fabrashay A - Bomb Weed Rollin'

The abundance of musical talent in Ohio is ridiculous and it's really starting to show. I can't even begin to express how excited I am about this. The homies Stalley and Rashad were just on 106 & Park this week. That's big! Ohio is at the door. They need to let us in. Listen to artists like Bravo if you still need a good reason WHY Ohio deserves the exposure.


While he's gearing up for the release of 'Standing Ovation Part 2' which is a project he's working on with Cleveland's DJ K-Nyce of The Varsity Squad, Bravo dropped 'Dear Cleveland'. Not an official mixtape, just a dope prelude of what's on deck. Check it out below.


Bravo- Dear Cleveland: The Collection


It's Wednesday again, so you already know what this is! First off, let me say this: R.I.P. to Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. He was a legend, who's music definitely still lives on today


Now, let's get into it...


State Of The 'Rowe: Dear Kimberly

Man, the vault will do this to you.. Pull out the archives on people and find out what they're really about. LOLOL

Props to www.1over9.com for the find LOL

"I can understand that people grow with time, but this….. This goes against the Big Sean we all know now. lol. I just have to laugh at this because this right here shows transformation and progress within people, good or bad. Big Sean is still a dope artist now tho. lol. However you choose to take this, it’s definately wortha few laughs, enjoy!"

Little Sean

"Top of the World" is the new track from FlydotU featuring GLC. The track is produced by MonkeyWrench (FlydotU) and features verses from iYe and GLC with JaySwifa and Jerreau on the hook.

You can catch FlydotU at SXSW and D.C. performing and promoting their upcoming project, The Greater Than Club, slated for release early April.

For booking email FlydotU@gmail.com

Fly Union ft. GLC- Top Of The World 

DROPS: "Top of the world" Fly.Union ft GLC

When I seen this yesterday I immediately wanted to call up my mans Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and get wiped with the Neuralyzer from Men in Black.

Seriously, I would never associate PETA the pesky animal rights group with Wacka Flocka Flame unless he was caught in a dog fighting scandal, so this just threw me.

"Be comfortable in your own skin, let animals keep thiers."



Look Ma, No Hands: Wacka Flocka Poses for PETA

Former running back and New York Giant, Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement after 5 years.  So The Giants now have to activate him and when they do, the team said they will release him.  5 years in retirement i wonder if Tiki still has the skills it takes to be prductive in the NFL.  I guess after watching his brother, Ronde Barber play and still play at a high level.  Tiki figured her could do the same which who turns 36 in April. "After seeing my brother still have fun at our age, it reignited the
fire. I'm really looking forward to the challenge of seeing if I can
get back to the level  of where I was,". 


If it's not one thing it's definitely another.  Just a couple months ago Terrell Pryor and four other Ohio State players were suspended for selling jerseys, championship rings and trophies to a local tattoo
parlor owner. The suspensions came just 16 days after the U.S. attorney
told the school of a federal investigation that included players.  It was a email received by Coach Tressel which he failed to tell the NCAA about.  This is what lead to his two game suspension and a fine up to $250,000. 


Eminem is easily the best rapper of all time.  

WesLex's Song Of Da Day: Eminem & Dr Dre - Say what you say (lyrics NSFW) + Bonus song


dudes gonna be unstoppable when he gets too high school.  His arsenal is too vast!!!

Future Assassin of America: Steve Poulin