May 2011

We haven't had this intriguing of an NBA Finals since Charles Barkley's Phoenix Suns met Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in 1993.

In 2006, these same two teams met and the Mavericks were easily the better
team, but somehow lost between Dwayne Wade's explosion from Game 3 to 6
and the referee's huuuuuge Mark Cuban screw job.

That NBA Finals will always have a huge asterix next to it. Let's just hope the referees don't ruin these NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals Series Preview

Another dope song and video from our good friend @6sisLife called, "Caviar Wishes." Ainslee looked like she channeled her inner Jay-Z on the boat amidst the backdrop of Baltimore Harbor.

Contact @Phella for booking and more information on @6sisLife. @gofresco was the man behind the camera capturing the visuals.

6S-Caviar Wishes

Jeezy dropped a mixtape just in time for Memorial Day weekend. It's funny because #blacktwitter was giving Jeezy hell about TM103 not dropping yet. I can't front, the Snowman goes off on this tape. Now let's wait and see what TM103 sounds like.

Download here>>>>>>>>> THE REAL IS BACK

Jeezy X Dj Drama - The Real Is Back

I'm not going to say much today, maybe another day real soon, but not today. I just want everyone to know how I feel personally about the news of Coach Tressel's resignation earlier this morning. To be honest, I have mixed emotions. There is no joy that will come out of a day like today, but when the news broke it did force me to remember nearly every moment I spent at The Ohio State University. I am not going to lie and pretend to have enjoyed every single moment at the university, but I would be remiss if I did not say that my 4 years at The Ohio State University, under the leadership of Jim Tressel, didn't play a significant roll in creating the man that you know today. Did I feel as if I deserved more playing time? Of course.

Memorial Day x JT

The Craft Manual Overview

By definition, Craft; a confidence, a certainty that radiates vividly from your being.

The Craft Manual


Wale dropped a video for "The Cloud" off of his more about nothing mixtape.. I (@dez_arnez) finally got to see what Tiara Thomas looks like. The homie, Jordi, loves this women.

Anyway, check out the video and leave a comment or two..

Wale featuring Tiara Thomas - The Cloud



It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you...without a State of the 'Rowe to step to. Corny? Man, so what! I'm back!

State Of The 'Rowe: The Party Life

As bitter as I have been this year, Bron is on a mission with adversity at it's peak

..............................Im over it .........................................

This guy is on a mission

Shop Sole Classics: Columbus Jets x True Blues

So the good guys at Basketball Jones finally launched a scientific experimental investigation on LeBron James headband and how it has risen significantly since the start of his rookie season. Pretty funny stuff. 



The History Behind LeBron James Headband