August 2011

Fly Union's latest visual is for the ultra-relatable track, 'Don't Call', off their TGTC album, which you can cop HERE if you don't have it already.


Oh and since I know SOMEBODY is gonna ask, 'The Girl' in the video is Columbus' own @Dezi_Alexis. Swag her out!

Fly Union - 'Don't Call' (Official Video)


A speakeasy is a barroom where alcoholic beverages could be bought illegally during the prohibition days, which lasted from the early 1920's to the Early 1930's. Gangsters, like Al Capone, would open these secret bars for the people to drink and socialize..... However, we are no gangsters! But some gangster ass music will be played on this MUSIC SHOW!

RADIO SUCKS! They play the same ole songs!


No need to write anything. Just watch the clip and post your comments.

How bad do you want it?

Even though Dez Arnez is in Memphis, TN for his mom's last stop on her Hustle & Flow Tour, the show still had to continue. This week (we know we are a week behind, sue us) Kreg, Chewy & the gang explore the realities of this technological age that we are in along with Stacey from "The Wood" 's rap career & more.. Tune in for the replay and more importantly catch The Kreg & Dez Show EVERY Thursday night on www.DPSradio.com. You can listen to the show right here, right now on kingsrowe.com (see below below) or you can download the show immediately below.



Kreg & Dez Show Replay - "...1%" ft. @PhreshPrinz & @HiLifeLivin

First Date & Such

The Associated Press recently released their rankings of the Top 20 football teams in the country, and with the college season right around the corner I thought I'd give you the strengths and weaknesses of each football program and thier University.

College Football Season Preview

If you follow me (@ChewyHimself) on Twitter, then you've probably seen one of my rants on about Little Dewayne and his TERRIBLE one-liners! Damn near ever song consists of a "F*ck the world, get her pregnant" or somethin' to that effect. You'll also almost ALWAYS hear a song where Wayne is comparing life to a female dog or some other noun or pronoun. These reasons are why I haven't and don't plan on purchasing (or even bootlegging) The Carter IV aka Once Again I Couldn't Think Of Anything More Creative To Name My Album. My Kingsrowe brethren @whoisjaewood has listened to this album in it's entirety and laid the groundwork for the repetitive #StruggleBars you are about to read.


Quality Of Life featuring Lil Wayne


Detroit MC Dusty McFly was 'Out Here' all summer long (you might remember him from our last Animal House party). Be on the lookout for his mixtape 'Buffies & Benihanas' scheduled to drop at the end of this month.

Dusty McFly - 'Buffies & Benihanas' (Trailer)

Me & @JordianLee might be the only ones who mess with the video, but it's kinda fitting, and this song is dope! If you been sleepin', wake up, cop 'Section.80 BY CLICKING HERE. Get hip to Kendrick Lamar now, thank me later.

Kendrick Lamar - ADHD (Official Video)

"We live it live it...!"