August 2011

One day two of the biggest if not THE biggest musicians in the game decided to form a duo. They would call themselves 'The Throne'. On Monday August 8th, 2011 these same two musicians dropped an album called Watch The Throne. If you don't know who I'm talking about yet, I'm talking about none other than Jay-Z & Kanye West.

My 'Watch The Throne' Review


Words via Dez Arnez. Who at the moment is going through laptop struggle.

My homie Supanatra just dropped a new two part video called "Wrong" directed by Flix and himself acompanied by Trek Manifest's "Watcha Life Like". Shoutout to Snow and Billionaire Boyscout respectively on the beats. Stay tuned for more from Exec Gang including their album which drops this September.

Exec Gang! "Wrong" by SupaNatra & "Watcha Life Like" by Trek Manifest

Every now & then, someone becomes a viral sensation off a crappy, yet hilarious song. The latest entry is Allen Samuels. He's a 55 year-old casino owner and he's pretty rich. I'm guessing he's pretty bored as well.

Watch as he tries his hand at rapping. Check out 'Livin' De Life' and prepare to be entertained. 

Meet Allen Samuels

Pay Forward.

The popular and classic horror film Fright Night is being remade and prepared for release soon. They have tapped KiD CuDi to appear on the movie's soundtrack. Check out this creepy visual for 'No One Believes Me'.

Kid Cudi - No One Believes Me (Video)


No seriously. This is super weird. Just watch it.

The Most Bizarre Video Game You Will Ever Play


This weekend kicks off the new season of the Barclays English Premier League. If you're having a hard time decoding that first cryptic message, don't worry; I got you covered. The EPL is the best Soccer league on Planet Earth. A league of 20 teams all across England playing weekly matches that almost seem like a battle of attrition. 

5 Reasons to start following the English Premier League

 Walking into the studio, you would think that the skinny kid with linky arms would be at someone's school playing ball, but B-Dupree chose a common route amongst young black males; the rap game. However, something about B-Dupree is very uncommon. He has an effortless type of flow that engulfs the listeners within the vivid pictures that he paints.

Artist Spotlight: B-Dupree

The Solecial Club Introduction

ANIMAL HOUSE 7.15.11 [Video] Ft DOM Kennedy, FLY Union, & P Blackk