September 2011

During my daily internet surfing I came across one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen on the internet. Anyone who dedicated time to their craft knows how much it takes to get one person together, getting two people in unison is almost as rare as seeing a rainbow during a drought. But the real kicker here is that this duo is made up of a father and, what looks to be, his pre-k son. To put it in perspective, I compare this to Tom Brady teaching a five year old boy how to execute Jerry Rice type routes. See? Everything can be related to football.. The duo can usually be found outside of Cubs or Sox games in Chicago.. another reason why I need to get out there soon.

And I used to think Kreg & his son were cool... til this

Sole Classics 5th Year Anniversary Bespoke Air Force 1

I checked out Forbes.com this morning and to my surprise (but not really a surprise) Facebook is making another major move! Adding 7 additional partners to bring more media content to the already supped up interface. 


LOL the irony...

"Hi Bin"


Another episode of The Kreg & Dez Show w/ [now official] co-hosts @ChewyHimself & @COURgasm is in the books. Last week could easily be titled at Struggle Week 2011 as it seemed as if everyone was busy fighting, crying and adding their two cents. Us, on the other hand, we were laughing all the while. Remember, The Kreg & Dez Show is live every Thursday night at 9pm on www.DPSradio.com.

Kreg & Dez Show Replay - "DREAMS MONEY CAN BUY"

After spending 5 years in it's birthplace of Cleveland, OH, the Ohio Hip Hop Awards makes it's way to the capital city Columbus. In it's sixth year, the Ohio Hip Hop Awards is still growing and polishing it's image while gaining a strong voice and influence on the Ohio music scene. This year seems to be a big deal, with a red-carpet ceremony scheduled at COSI to be coupled with an industry conference. 

Ohio Hip Hop Awards Hits Columbus


I was just browsing around and caught word that the Air Jordan 4, cement color, finally has a confirmed release date. With all the nonsense color ways that have been releasing lately (like the stealth 3's for example), Brand Jordan has given us some satisfying releases in-between.


Troy Davis.. Martyr?


Top 3 All-Time.. one of basketball's greatest achievements.. the Big Aristotle: Shaquille O'Neal.

Roo to the Ques.

Pre-"The Big Aristotle"


How does one person learn how to control their feet better than most people can control their hands? Not only is this completely useless, but I just cannot fathom what would make a girl say "hmmm, let me flip upside down and juggle these balls"... well, then again.


Watch her juggle these balls.