October 2011

Big Sean teams up with DJ Mo Beatz and Adidas to give us Finally Originals; a remixed version of his debut Finally Famous project. Download it HERE


*Sidebar* Big Sean will be in Columbus, Ohio November 2nd. If you don't have a ticket make sure you get one! You can even stop by Sole Classics and cop. "Do it!"

Big Sean - Finally Originals (Mixtape) Presented By DJ Mo Beatz & Adidas

We know Cleveland's got talent. We know Columbus is on the come up. Mansfield, Ohio though? You'd be surprised.

Meet Taj Torrence. I heard this kid rap a while back through his older sister, and I can honestly say he's dope. It's good to see that he's linking up with our homie DJ Corey Grand for his debut project titled The Tribe Tape which is slated for a 11.1.11 release. Until then, check out this leak from the tape, which WILL be available right here once it drops.


DROPS: @Taj_Torrence - 'Check The Rhyme' (Mixed by @DJCoreyGrand)

This Herman Cain ad gets creepier everytime I watch it. Have we ever had anyone troll his way into the White House like this before?

He's basically doing everything Politicians aren't supposed to do and leading in the GOP polls. 

The only person in the video shown other than Cain himself is his Chief of Staff. Aren't you supposed to get people of all nationalities to declare they're voting for you in a serene setting like a park or behind a bookcase?

Herman Cain's "Thank You For Smoking Ad"


One of theillest® monthly parties in the country goes down every first Saturday right here in Columbus, OH. Brought to you by Cashola & Kareem, Get Right is a mixture of the right music and the right people and usually ends with a great time. Check one out.. the next one will be NOV. 5th at Skully's!!

If we cosign it then you have to trust and believe that it will be a good time. lol




This is #DopeOrNope. This is where every Monday, I will feature a song and let YOU decide whether it's dope or... Yea, you got it.


Kicking things off is Lolah Brown, who you might remember from a post I did on her last week. Peep her as she covers Wale and Miguel's hot 'Lotus Flower Bomb' track. She also enlists the help of Bravo, who'll you hear more of soon. Trust me.




#DopeOrNope: @Lolah_Brown_ - 'Lolah's Flower Bomb' featuring @BravoCLE

If you couldn't tell, I've been on FunnyorDie.com all day laughing at the dumbest stuff. LOL I wish I would have found this video sooner, but comedy doesn't have an expiration date so whatever. I am actually surprised they got all of these guys together for one video, but the funniest football player of all time is Ray Lewis and he doesn't even realize it. He doesn't know how to turn of his intensity, even when he smiles.

Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout

But this caught me all the way off guard. LOLOL

A message from Captain Planet

I was watching CB4 when I thought of this. For those who haven't seen it, CB4 is a movie about 3 regular, non-gangster guys who form an NWA-like rap trio only to find out that they are really not about that life. What cracked me up the most was their real names in the movie versus their stage names. Chris Rock plays Albert Brown or 'MC Gusto', Allen Payne plays Euripides Smalls or 'Dead Mike', and Deezer D is Otis Jackson or 'Stab Masta Arson'. These are the most hilarious names ever and they made me wonder the real names of some of the toughest rappers out. So here you go...


Master P - Percy Miller. Sounds like the name of a suit salesman.

Young Jeezy - James Jenkins III. Sounds like he's third generation watermelon farmer.

"Your Real Name Is What?!?"


Not a huge fan of this song, but this is hands down, the coolest house on in America right now.

This Light Show Is ILL!


Stephen M. Prewitt, better known as djstepone has been getting better and better with the visuals. Here's a new short film he directed entitled "NY IS DOPE" It gives viewers a small window into the world of a New Yorker and is the first of his short film series that will be highlighting the cities of New York, Cleveland, Chicago, & Washington DC.