November 2011

The things people send to my email...


If you go out often, then you know all about this dance. Because I saw all my Greek friends doing it, I personally thought it was some sort of fraternity stroll when I first seen it. Shows how much I know. In any event, these videos are funny as hell.

Movin' Like Bernie!

I mean I guess @DionteSays and @That_Twigga will not let me be
great and get me a picture and what not!! :( My Agent is still working out the
deal so we can make that happen for the people on these dot coms. But until
then, I guess I have no choice but to be a "Guest Blogger" with that
dirty ass ? mark face!!! :( :( :( On second thought, can I at least get a sad
face?? Lmao Nahhhhhhh but anyway let me stop wasting y'all time and get on with
what y'all clicked the link for.

Dress Codes in Clubs

I Heard 'Em Say: Dress Codes in Clubs by @The_Rell

LuckiStar……Dreamer, Innovator, Risk Taker

I Heard 'Em Say: Introducing - LuckiStar by @TheLuckiStar


Welcome To “I Heard ‘Em Say” Tuesdays!

It’s no surprise that we at Kingsrowe.com welcome Guest
Bloggers, but I have a little OCD and I needed it to be a little more organized
and compiled into one day. 

Welcome To "I Heard 'Em Say" Tuesdays

Great match-up tonight with #2 Ohio State Vs. #4 Duke. 

Both teams are undefeated and backed up with one hell of a team.  A young but very talented Ohio State will rely on freshman of year, Jared Sullinger, averaging 18.8 pts and 10.7 rebounds, and Buford averaging 17.7 to pick up most of the weight.

Meanwhile, PG Craft does what he does on the defensive side of the ball.  Craft is averaging 3.5 steals, and will have his hands full with S. Curry averaging 15.1.  The match-up to see will be Sullinger and Duke's big man, M. Plumlee.  Both big men average 10.0 rebounds a game; it'll be interesting to see who can own the paint.  #GoBucks

The game is tonight - 9:30pm EST

The Fonz


For those who don't know, Plaxico Burress of the New York Jets recently completed a two year bid for basically shooting himself in the leg at a New York nightclub. 

With that said, Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills is a fool for this. It's kinda funny though. 

Shots Fired?

This kid is dope and this actually isn't the first time I've posted homie's music on our site. Check out this joint off his upcoming Anime Is For Lovers project which is coming sooner than later.


DOWNLOAD 'The Revenge of the Little Mac' HERE

DROPS: @AJVash - 'The Revenge of the Little Mac' (Prod. by @ItsTeflan)


Two 73-year old former CFL players, Joe Kapp (former B.C. Lions' and Minnesota Vikings quarterback, actor, Cal head coach and B.C. GM) and Angelo Mosca (former Hamilton Tiger-Cats' defensive tackle and professional wrestler) got into a fight. They exchanged cane blows, punches, bull rush moves and more at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver on Friday, Nov. 25; just two days before the Grey Cup.

Senior Citizen Brawl!

I usually try to skate in my own lane but from time to time ...........Nahhh forget that, this is my lane. This video had me weak.  I love being cornered by corporations because people will continue to buy whatever Nike puts out.

None the less enjoy this sneaker coonery.

Foams on my feet ! LOL