December 2011


The Insight Bowl last night between Oklahoma and Iowa featured a little freak moment involving ESPN's Skycam falling out of the sky like bombs over Baghdad.

Poor Marvin McNutt. After being smothered by Sooner CB Jarnell Fleming all night he's viciously attacked by SkyCam.

Looks like the robots are eager to enslave the human race a little too early. LOL at the band playing ESPN's theme song while technicians tried to wrestle the faulty equipement to the ground.

ESPN's Skycam attacks!


If you're still looking for a move to bring in 2012, consider this.

Kick It (NYE) Presented By @its_TGTC With @djgiovanny

The Year In Quest10ns

Well, thats what Tokyo Diiva (@TokyoDiiva) says.

She dropped her "Fashion Freaks (F*CK FOOD)" single on Nov. 24th of this year, and I have to say it's catchy as hell. I've been rockin' with Tokyo for some years now. I like the girls style. I know the whole "F*ck Food" thing is a bit drastic, but if you're a fashion lover, sometimes it's just that serious. So yessssss Tok...WORK IT OUT!!!



Amidst all the Fresh Prince of Bel Air drama that has occurred this week, I thought I'd share one of my all-time favorite clips. Too funny. Enjoy.



A new NBA season means new pre-game introductions at home games where fans look away in embarassement while pyrotechnics go off on the court. 

I always love watching these things. Mainly for the catchy tunes (Heat went with Kanye's, "All of the Lights") and mainly because it always paints NBA players as the cornballs they are. Some of that is endearing while most of it is down right ghastly yo.

Watch the Miami Heat dress up like idiots.


Remember when it was complicated as hell to produce a screenshot? I mean, like, you had to hit the 'PRNT SCRN' button on your computer's keyboard, paste the image into your 'Paint' program, name the file and then save it to your hard drive. Seems like a lot right?

Capture The Moment? Nah, Chill.

First of all, to those familiar with our very own Kreg & Dez Show, we'd like to say thank you for following and supporting the movement thus far.

However, there would be no Kreg & Dez Show if not for Rich Nyce and DPSRadio.com (where our show, along with others like Familiar Face Radio, air weekly).

Going into 2012, we are looking to expand.



So we collab'd w/ the lil homie P Blackk to produce a t-shirt from P's new project #BlackkFriday.. The T is a replica image of an original painting done by P for his project. The video was shot, directed and edited by P just last night. We grindin cuhh. LOL

How to rob (Blackk Friday Tee release)

Well as some of you may know 2011 was the year of the Thirst. Niggas showed thirst high and low and without a care in the world. No matter who it was or whether the chicks deserved the thirst or not. Well we're here to tell you that 2012 will be the year of all visible thirst everything! Forget creeping in DMs at 3am on a Wednesday just hop in them mentions and see what that @ button can do for you.
To start off the all visible thirst movement me & my partner in crime @DezArnez are bringing you the #Top11of11 Visible Vixens. Now visible means in arms reach of us here in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.
We really don't care about your man or your dalliances for that matter. If we seen you in 2011 you're eligible to be a Dez&Rell #VisibleVixen.

The 2011 All Thirst Team by @DezArnez & @The_Rell