February 2012

Check out Annie in her women's Home Schooled button up from our Fall '11 collection. Swag her out!


In case you didn't know, our Spring '12 collection drops tomorrow. Make sure you cop a piece or two, and take a flick in it.

Flicked featuring @annieebananiee


Syd the Kyd + Matt Martian= The Internet.

The Internet happens to be a sub-group of Odd Furture (OFWGKTA). Cocaine is a joint off their "Purple Naked Ladies" album (which dropped December 2011) that I vibe out to pretty frequently. Check out the video, it's trippy. I mess with it. You all might too. 



The Internet - Cocaine

First off, be clear. This column is 100% MY opinion. You have a right to disagree, but to debate me is a waste of time. I just want to share my thoughts on this year's list seeing as to how it's generated so much controversy.

Chewy's Point Of View: The 2012 XXL Freshman List

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What's up? Sorry we're so late with the Dez and Durl Takeover Mixshow replays, but we were having some technical difficulties that we had to work out. I know all you people need your new music so here goes what's kind of an oldie but goodie. This is the show from 02/08/2012. Be sure to stay on the look out for more of the shows here on Kingsrowe.com


Dez and Durl Takeover Mixshow (Replay): February 8th, 2012

So this funny Kobe Bryant video is being passed around the internetzzz today and I thought I'd share. 

It's a young Kobe Bryant on Nickoledon's, "All That" show with an even younger Amanda Bynes. There are some hilarious moments none more ironic than when Kobe Bryant gets put in jail towards the end. Creepy foreshadowing to say the least.

19 Year Old Kobe Bryant on Nickelodeon's All That


Absolutely.Beyond.Control. Photo Booth Recap ch.2

The big homie Rashad is back with a statement track; The Return off of his upcoming project "Museum". Personally I am excited to see what he has up his sleeve for his solo project because we all see how he kills production for other people's joints. Sidebar: I just recently seen Rashad in Nelly's "Hot in Herr" video and busted out laughing. I had no idea he was in there standing on couches. Anyway, check out this video and make sure you support the project when it drops! Columbus, whudup?

"The Return" written, produced, & performed by R∆§H∆Ð for Elevator
Music. // Visual Directed by Picture Candy Productions. Museum (Coming

DROPS: @RashadMusic - "The Return"

I'll be honest. When I first heard the name J*DaVeY, I was pretty hesistant to see about them. It was just something about the name that had me thinking this was just some corny, up and coming, overrated rapper. Needless to say, I never gave J*DaVeY a listen. Then one day my homie DJ Corey Grand dropped a DOPE mixtape called Non-Fiction Heart[Breaks] (which is actually available HERE). On it was a song called 'Quicksand'.

Don't Sleep: @WEareJDaVeY


I'ma be honest. We've been slipping on our replays just a tad. We know everybody can't catch the shows as they air, and we also know you all would like to be caught up with Dez, Courey and myself as we do this every Thursday night. Just know we're working on it. In the meantime, check out two episodes that you may have missed.




Kingsrowe Radio: The Re-Up

Thanks to the NBA Lockout, NBA All Star Week was pushed back a week and fell on the same weekend our favorite Hollywood actors spend the whole weekend acknowledging each other. Now we all have to choose what to watch on Sunday. 

Academy Awards All Star Weekend Mashup