March 2012

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was recently suspended because of the "bounty system". A system that was brought about by the defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams. This system allowed the Saints players to get extra cash for big hits on the opposing team. In addition, Goodell fined the Saints $500,000 and took away their second-round draft pick this year and in 2013. He also indefinitely banned Gregg Williams.

SPORTS WITH FONZ: Rodger Goodell Comes Down Hard On Sean Payton

You have probably seen the rants on Twitter and the pictures plastered on Social Networks concerning the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

After a long while of silence we finally had a chance to hear from the grieving parents.

Trayvon Martin's parents appeared on the Today show this morning
reaffirming their position that George Zimmerman, the man who shot their
son, should be arrested and prosecuted immediately.

Justice or Just Us? #TrayvonMartin

Warrior Fans Are Pissed And They're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!


People are really poppin' these Kingsrowe tags, and to be honest, I couldn't be happier! I'm feeling good, so today I decided to double up.

Flicked featuring @AyeMartin & @Kapo_TI

Lets all take a gander deep into this plate together. This plate right here looks so freaking gross! I swear that looks like a unknown animals heart on the top left side of the plate... What kinda shit are you people putting in your bodies?? I can't believe that some of you haven't died due to your diet. No way possible I'm eating like this in my lifetime. The fillet of struggle to your right looks like blackened Yams or something of the sort. Not one part of my body even considered this to look any where near tasty!!!

Struggle Plates

Due to me having to handle some business, I had to sit out last week's episode of Kingsrowe Radio. The topic was groupies and groupie behavior. Of course, Dez and Courey held it down in my absence, but come on now.

State Of The 'Rowe: Groupie Love

Explore the Universe & S##T!

Nike does it again, another Foamposite release; this time in the Electrolime colorway. This whole Foamposite craze is still kind of mind boggling to me. I've always loved them so I see what others see in them, but everybody wasn't Foamposite crazy a couple years ago. Anyway, being the addict I am, I was at two shoe releases this past Saturday (Easton Town Center and Sole Classics).  Both stores completely sold out of the Foamposites within 30 minutes.

Consumerism. Nike Doesn't Slow Down


Instagram Beauty of the Week by @dezarnez