April 2012

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted the trailer for this project (which you can see HERE). Although, I've been bumping the advanced copy for a little minute, I'm definitely glad to be able to help present this to the masses. Those with an ear for real hip-hop will appreciate this one. Another dope tape from The Varsity Squad crew. Salute.


DROPS: Beer & B-Sides | Mixed by @DJCoreyGrand & @DJTouchMoney

State Of The 'Rowe: Trust Me On This One

P Blackk is one of my top 5 favorite artists in the game right now.. scratch that, top 3... sue me. Now, my opinion may be a little tainted because he is the little homie, but you cannot deny the fact that he is ill. Don't want to take my word for it? That is fine.. peep the clips below and tell me otherwise. All of these videos (or freestyles) have been released since his Blackk Friday project and are in anticipation of his upcoming mixtape "It's always Sunny in Columbus 2" which drops 5/30/12. Now that I got that out of the way, I can say this... Pause. lol

The Road to @PBlackk's "It's Always Sunny in Columbus 2"

I kept it semi-simple with this fit. The Undefeated shirt is somewhat simple with the dull blue color and white graphic. The light grey cuffed Nike Stadium sweats are simple as well. But, my shoes are neon orange with a deep red outsole. My velour Nike Presto shoes are some of my favorites. They're dumb comfy and they look cool, can't beat that. 

Instagram/Twitter: mrkingjd 

Shoes, Fits, and Foods

By now you should be familiar with ABC (Absolutely Beyond Control) Columbus. Kingsrowe and Leaders (Chicago) and Vita-Morte teamed up again for another great party! Check out the pictures, the camera [don't] lie. Make sure you're at the next one! 

If you're in a picture please share the link with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends!  

"Ain't No Party Like A Kingsrowe Party!" Pictures From ABC Columbus

The NBA landscape was altered dramatically yesterday afternoon when Bulls MVP Derrick Rose blew out his knee well after the outcome of the game was determined. 

Derrick Rose Tears ACL, Nike Exec Blames Adidas


What Did You 'Rowe In?

I know it's been a rough week and you got your Instagram newsfeed killed by Android users and TBT pics, but I'm here to give you that weekly InstaCreep life. This week I found the girl with the dragon tattoo. That's right folks,  @niecybay.

Instagram Beauty of the Week

OJ Da Juice... Face? Ess em aych.


YOLO Of The Week: Juice Box


The news is supposed to be two things: Informative and for the most part serious. The latter of the two is the exact reason why it's so funny when random, unexpected things happen live on air. Of the millions of funny news clips I have, I decided to pick five to share. If you need a laugh, you're in the right place.


5. Reporter Spazzes On Trolling Bystander

5 On It: 5 Funny Ass News Clips