May 2012

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Well, he may not be making any noise musically, but Juelz Santana is definitely making a case as a practical joker. Check out this video to see reason #578 why I don't smoke.


...Listenin' to PRANKSTA music, Aye! *Juelz Santana voice*


*We at Kingsrowe.com do not promote or encourage the use or marijuana. By the way. We just like funny shit!

Juelz Santana Plays Too Much

 A rising star has caught a lot of people's attention. 6'9", 225 pound Sophomore Julius Randle from Dallas, Texas has recruiters and coaches going crazy, and at this age and size who wouldn't want the next Lebron James. It's said that he'll be the next King.  As one of the top post prospects in the 2013 class, Randle is an aggressive low post scorer. The 6-foot-9 power forward has a variety of scoring moves, can finish through contact and likes to face up defenders and attack the basket.

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FINALLY!!!!!!!! After so much hype and anticpation The Nike Air Yeezy 2 has a release date. Some people knew it was coming after seeing their favorite celeb flood Twitter and Instagram with their pair in hand. It was only a matter of time until us regular folk had a chance to get our hands on them. The official date is June 9th at select retailers in limited numbers. So if you want a pair be ready to wait in line. Two colorways are supposed to drop; the Platinum and Black/Pink joints that have been pictured everywhere. Get your lawn chairs ready people.



Kingsrowe Presents: @PBlackk's It's Always Sunny in Columbus 2

Imagine being down in Miami for Memorial Day weekend festivities and seeing this. WTF?

WTF Wednesday: "I'll Eat Ya Face Off!"

DROPS: @SeariusAdd - Smart Is The New Gangsta

As spectators of the game of football, we wonder at times what do these players spend their millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars on, because when we see these players on TV or in person they have on the most expensive clothes or drive the most lavish cars. Often some of these players end up broke after a few years. So what do these players value after making their dreams come true and earning all of this money? With the contract and signing bonuses these players receive it's easy to get lost in the habit of blowing money; then most of the players get endorsements and it makes it easier for them to spend or blow money. With the money they receive most become content because they're not used to having these millions and being able to take care of a friend or family member.

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Check out B in her women's 'Broke Uncle Williebags' tee from Spring '12 and my personal trademark Wayfarer shades. Swag, swag, swag! Our Summer line drops Friday and I can't wait to see all the people who flick it up wearing the new stuff!


Flicked featuring @B_isTHEEdopest

Trill video. Just watch...


Pusha T "Exodus 23:1" [VIDEO]