May 2012

Ladies, the goal for the summer is to get in shape. Not for those swimsuits and to add to your thirst list, but for your health. @DJ_Bern aka "Bernie Blanks" is here to help give you a soundtrack to burn some fat to called "Tae Bern" aka "The Calorie Bern"... So, run, dance, jump or percolate to this soundtrack, just don't sit still.


Get in shape w/ sounds by @DJ_BERN "The Calorie Bern" - Hip Hop Workout Mix

If you know me, then you know I don't belong on a skateboard. Too big (pause). But it does not mean that I do not love, respect and appreciate skaters and the culture. Peep the homie Taylor's new skate video w/ an unreleased track from P Blackk. Be on the lookout for more from Taylor and don't forget, It's Always Sunny in Columbus 2 drops right here on WEDNESDAY! Run tell dat.

Song by P. Blackk featuring Lo Thraxx entitled "Money" off his upcoming
mixtape "It's Always Sunny in Columbus 2", hosted by Bruni. Filmed and
edited by Brent Braden Instagram: @epiclytaylerd @bruni8 @brent1989

SKATE: Taylor Nawrocki x P. Blackk

And all this time I thought it was Memorial Day. Thank you Ron for clearing that up for me. Ell Oh Ell!

Happy Labor Day From Metta World Peace!

It was a mutal friend who put me on to Atlanta (by way of Cleveland, Ohio) artist Jade Novah. I heard her cover of Beyonce's 'Countdown' as was pretty much sold.

Don't Sleep: @JadeNovah

Instacreep - Swimsuit Edition

Sunday's Paper: The Instashammer

For those who may not know, Kingsrowe Summer '12 drops Friday, June 1st. I'm excited, the team is excited, and by the looks of it, so is the city. There's a lot of dope stuff lined up this time around.


So I wanted to do a giveaway. After all, it was YOU who got us to 2 million views, and we greatly appreciate that.


Kingsrowe Caption Contest!

You know Hip Hop is taking it to the next level when there's a voice for the J.Crew/Starbucks consumers of this world. Introducing D-Why who looks straight out J.Crew's Fall catalouge. This guy dresses his ass off and really, really enjoys some coffee.

Can't Stop Listening To @DWhy's 'Macchiato Music'


Stalley's still on his grind as you can see. He gives us a look at his journey through his European tour. It looks like all the rappers are getting these Euros nowadays and I aint mad at all.

Stalley – Savage Journey Through Europe Parts 1 & 2


 From where I stand, I think my appreciation for kicks comes from not having. I remember never having some of these grails and wanting to know how they really preformed on the foot. The minute I was able to make my own cash it was on.

Jae's Closet 05/26/12 : Nike Penny II