May 2012

Check out this joint from Dayton, Ohio MC Jola The Trunk Boi. Listen along as Jola gets to 'The Money' with the help of our very own JD and Sam Cuddy. 


Download 'The Money' HERE

DROPS: @JolaTheTrunkBoi featuring @MrKingJD & @SamCuddy - 'The Money'

Remember the golden days when Jordans released on Wednesdays and you had a home color, an away color, a playoff drop and lastly the university color? Nowadays it seems like there's a color for any and every occasion. I'm only bringing this up because after seeing like 50 KD IV colorways I saw a pair I actually liked after all the negative things I said about those them. Seems like between Kobes, Lebrons and KD's, you have a home and an away colorway to start the season off and soon after comes the REIGN comes.

.@whoisjaewood 's Top 5 Olive Green Inspired Sneaks


DROPS: @PBlackk - 'Workin' featuring @FABRASHAYAPLUS

LRG & Elevator Music Presents: @rashadmusic - Museum

I been meaning to write this for a while, but like I always do, I kinda figured I'd wait until the issue died down a bit. What issue, you ask?

State Of The 'Rowe: No Homo Though

Alright, alright, alright. Let's start with my shoes. These are some of my favorite Vault Vans. The Vans Vault Spectator "Aloha Brother" edition Vans are a super clean suede and leather shoe that goes good with a lot of different clothing styles. My fit was like a casual/laid back mixture. The shoes and shorts can be dressed up or dressed down, it just depends on the shirt that you add with them. I hadn't wore my Stussy shorts in over a year. I almost forgot I had them. The navy blue BBC shirt is pretty basic yet stuntable, just the way I like it. Oh! And you know Danes Dessert Cafe' came through for me on the late night dessert tip. I got some type of cookie dough ice cream brownie chunk whip cream sundae. It got the job done!

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Shoes, Fits & Foods

The only thing crazier than the final weekend of the EPL season last week was the reactions from Manchester United and Manchester City supporters. For the life of me I can't understand why fans record themselves during those tense moments in soccer matches but thank you. Wildly entertaining.

Football, Bloody Hell


Check out this dope Pepsi commercial featuring NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving Is 'Uncle Drew'

The homie Rod Boogie gives us a quick recap of the energy SchoolBoy and Ab-Soul brought to the Grog Shop.

ScHoolboy Q x Ab-Soul Live Recap At The Grog Shop (Cleveland, Ohio)

So from the outside looking in, it seems that Reebok is doing everything that they possibly can to keep their company from going under. It's been a while since this company has put out a premier product that's made the masses go crazy. Sure the past consisted of Shaq, Kemp and A.I. but who is going to be that next big athlete to keep Reebok in the game? Recently photos surfaced of the NEW revamped prototype of the Reebok 'Shaqnosis 2012'.

Reebok Wants That Old Thing Back...