June 2012


Yes I been slippin' on my Instagram beauty post but with this heat you think I'm really going to sit at home and stress myself out so you got damn creeps can get your rocks off? Absolutely not. But I did take a gander in the land of the thirst and found MissJlove on this here Instagram and you know I had to post this. The lace boyshort game just isn't fair for us regular 9-5 twiggaz. So here you go. Beat the heat and don't beat ya...... nevermind I'm out LOL!!!!!!!!!

Instagram Beauty of the Week

New track by my homies ROC SK8BOARD T and Dee Brooks called Real N****, as you can see they reppin Sole Classics and Kingsrowe well in this video. Kingsrowe's very own MRKingJD, who swears he's video extra of the year, made a quick cameo in the video. Check it out and be on the look out for the "NEVER ENOUGH PROJECT" coming soon

R.O.C Sk8Board T Dee Brooks - REAL N****


I'm not going to lie, originially when I saw these on the Supreme site I thought they were hideous. But, after seeing them in person, my mind completely changed. They are super clean. I think the color won me over, the red/black/creme colors go very well together. I also admire how the Campbell's soup logo is layed on the shoe. It's very pattern like. From a distance you can't even tell that it's the Campbell's soup logo, it just looks like a cool pattern. Good job Vans and Supreme. And Campbell's.

Vans + Supreme + Campbell’s Soup (+ Andy Warhol)

SPORTS WITH FONZ: Jared Sullinger's Future In The NBA

I know, I know. It's gonna be 100 degrees tomorrow and the LAST thing you wanna see is somebody in a Kingsrowe beanie. Well, I don't care. I was digging through my Flicked folder and realized I totally overlooked this. I'm sure she's not wearing that beanie nowadays, but she was swaggin' when she did.


Remember, if you'd like to be featured on Flicked, it's simple: just take picture of yourself wearing something Kingsrowe and send it to me via Twitter at @ChewyHimself or via email at Chewy@Kingsrowe.com

Flicked featuring @imaRED2

#TeamLebron Over Everything Collab

Swag Kings by @_BreezyCakes featuring @MarkuzRob

Don't Sleep: @joeyBADASS_

Yesterday, Cleveland held their annual sneaker showcase: Cleveland's Got Sole. This year was the 3rd edition and my first time going. It was definitely fun to finally see some of the shoes people love and idolize in person. There was so much heat in the building; quite sickening at times. I did not set up a table this go round, but next year I may have to display some of my babies.  Until then, enjoy the pictures! 

View more pictures from CGS3 at http://MrKingJD.com

Cleveland's Got Sole 3 (Photo Recap)

Quite frankly the best hour on television and up there with The Wire and the Sopranos in the holy trinity of television shows, Breaking Bad returns with it's 5th Season. 

Creator and Producer Vince Gilligan decided to break up the last season into two segments of 8 episodes so we'll have to wait till sometime in 2013 to wrap up the Walter White saga.

Breaking Bad: Season 5