July 2012

It finally happened. Snoop Lion finally killed off Snoop Dogg. Everyone's favorite pothead Calvin Broadus went to Jamaica this past February and went through an artistic and spiritual transformation which I'm guessing was abedded with tons of weed. 

What's my mothaeffin name? Apparently Snoop Lion. 

Snoop Dogg Quits Rap For Reggae And Becomes Snoop Lion

Here's that dramatic reading of Yelp reviews you all asked for. Watch Chris Kipniak and Therese Plummer muster all their acting prowess and turn two real Yelp reviews into the best dramatic performances of the year. 

Anyone up for some Duck Biryani?


Real Actors Read Real Yelp Reviews


The first tv spot for the new James Bond movie stays true to form as 007 blows shit up, seduces women and looks cool in a Tom Ford suit. Huge weekend for James Bond as he even smashed Queen Elizabeth in front of Prince Phillip and their little dogs. 

007 Reporting For Duty


Another ABC party, another great time!  Check out the pictures from this past Friday.  Make sure you don't miss the next one!  They get better every time! 

We party every last Friday of the month at Republic with Leaders1354 + Vita-Morte (Chicago). 

Absolutely Beyond Control (ABC) 7.27 Photo Recap

Beautiful Science


It's been a while since we've posted a replay of Kingsrowe Radio, but I have a feeling that's about to change. We are beyond grateful for those of you who tune in regularly. We are also aware of those that WANT to tune in but can't due to other obligations. Well, that's what the replays are for.

#1BAS: The Replay (July 26, 2012)

SPORTS WITH FONZ: Ted Ginn vs. Chris Gamble: Who's The Better Athlete?

Juicy J shows us how he gets down on the "Smokers Club vlog 1"

Juicy J – The Smoker's Club Tour Vlog #1

Jump & i.L.$ aka (Jump Jiggy and Lil $hau ) opened up for Taylor Gang's Juicy J at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio.

5uve5tarTV - Jump & i.L.$ Performance & Interview


On My Radar: Nike Penny 5